Memories of the Civil War - Thrilling Narratives of the Great Rebellion. In the years following the Civil War, many newspapers sought contributions from veterans telling of their experiences. This collection seeks to bring you the finest oral history available today. See the list of titles below and enjoy the free samples. For even more Civil War oral history see our popular Fighting Them Over collection.

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Guide to Memories of the Civil War

A 64 Days March - How Hatch checkmated Hood in the Fall of 1864.pdf
A Battle in the Bayous - De Courcey's Brigade at the Great Chickasaw Bluffs Conflict.pdf
A Battle-Highway - The Shenandoah Valley, and the Army which surged along it in Victory and defeat.pdf
A Blockade Runner -  A long chase and a double capture.pdf
A Blockade Runner - How she was captured by a transport.pdf
A Bloodless Victory -  Securing a crossing of the Chattahoochee.pdf
A Bloodless Victory - Part Taken by Ohio Men at Cumberland Gap.pdf
A Bloody Battle - A soldiers description of the field of Franklin.pdf
A Blue-Jacket in the Toils - Prison Life From a Naval Officer’s Standpoint.pdf
A Bold Rescue - Incident of the Mine Explosion at Petersburg.pdf
A Bold Venture - Story of a Secret Mission to the Ram Arkansas.pdf
A Boy Lieutenant in a Black Regiment - A First Person Narrative by Captain Free S. Bowley.pdf
A Boy's Kind Act - Protecting a Rebel family from attack.pdf
A Boy's War Experience - Narrative of hospital service in Alabama.pdf
A Brave Band - Services of the 4th Independent Ohio Cavalry.pdf
A Brave Dash - An Incident of Campaigning on Cheat Mountain.pdf
A Brilliant Feat of Arms - General Sheridan’s Battle at Boonville, Mississippi.pdf
A Brush with Bushwhackers - Forty-five 9th Missouri Cavalry boys hold off 300 “Whackers.”.pdf
A Cavalry Battleground - The four encounters of horsemen at Brandy Station.pdf
A Cavalry Dash -   Experience of a Detachment of the 1st Ohio Cavalry.pdf
A Cavalry Escape - The Successful Elusive Movement at Harper's Ferry.pdf
A Cavalryman at Cedar Creek - What an Ohio Boy Saw in the Great Rebellion.pdf
A Christmas in Dixie - Adventures of two Andersonville prisoners bound north.pdf
A Confederate Ram- Career of the Albemarle and her destruction.pdf
A Conflict of Death - Incidents Which Happened at the Battle of Atlanta.pdf
A Daring Blockade Runner - Interesting description of the loss of the Ella and Annie.pdf
A Daring Dash -  General J.H. Wilson’s Great Raid through Alabama and Georgia.pdf
A Daring Feat -  Running the Port Hudson Batteries in a frail, defenseless, Steamer.pdf
A Dash for Freedom - How a Party of Salisbury Prisoners effected their escape.pdf
A Dash for Liberty - March of Union Refugees from North Carolina to Kentucky.pdf
A Day at Bull Run - How a party of feds and confeds spent it .pdf
A Day at Gettysburg -  The tiresome march, charge of Baxter’s Brigade, and scenes in the hospital.pdf
A December March - A scamper from Chattanooga for the relief of Burnside.pdf
A Deed of Daring - The True Story of the Capture of a Rebel Railway Train.pdf
A Drummer-Boy at Donelson - With the Western Army under Grant in 1862.pdf
A Far-West Fight - Graphic Sketch of a Campaign Beyond the Mississippi.pdf
A Fearful March - From Matagorda Bay to San Antonio.pdf
A Fighting Regiment - Four Years Service at the front with the 36th Ohio.pdf
A Fighting Regiment's First Battle - A Colonel’s recollections of the Burnside Expedition and capture of Roanoke Island.pdf
A File of Infantrymen - Or Three Years During the War.pdf
A Fire Zouave - Memoirs of a member of the Excelsior Brigade, by Frank Moran, Captain, 73rd New York.pdf
A Foreign Officer's Experience in Dixie - How an Austrian officer was captured during a Rebel raid and ended up in Libby Prison.pdf
A Gallant Record - Michigan's 5th Cavalry in the latter period of the War, by J.K. Lowden.pdf
A Game of See-Saw - Exciting Events in the Gulf During the War.pdf
A Gettysburg Diary - Carroll’s Brigade and the part it played in repulsing the “Tigers.”.pdf
A Graphic Story of the Bombardment of Fort Fisher from an Inside Witness.pdf
A graphic story of the bombardment of Fort Fisher, from an inside witness.pdf
A Great Battlefield - In and about the Shenandoah Valley.pdf
A Great Quartermaster - General Robert Allan who supplied Grant and Sherman's armies.pdf
A History of Prison Life in Libby - By Captain John W. Chamberlin, Co. A, 123rd Regiment, O.V.I.pdf
A Kansas Soldier - Gallant service on the frontier, wounded and captured, terrible suffering at Camp Ford.pdf
A Kentucky Regiment at Chickamauga - As seen by one who fought in the front rank.pdf
A Long Chase - Morgan's Raid Through Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio in 1863.pdf
A Lost History - Experiences of Company A, 2nd Cal. Cavalry., Not Recorded Officially.pdf
A Loyal Southron - Troublesome times in Alabama. How the 1st Alabama Cavalry was made up.pdf
A Maine Soldier who escaped from Libby Prison - A story by General Trowbridge, 7th Connecticut Regiment.pdf
A Midnight Alarm - Advance of Contrabands on the Union Camp causes the sounding of the “Long Roll.”.pdf
A Militia Muster -   An eventful drill of a Critter company in Tennessee before the war.pdf
A Month of Battles - Pope's Virginia Campaign.pdf
A Naval Brush at Ship Island - Weekly standard., July 24, 1861.pdf
A Night with Farragut - Narrative by John C. Parker USN.pdf
A Night With Guerillas - Capturing a rascally leader and upsetting his plans against Sherman.pdf
A Noble Band - Sterling Work Performed by the Fourth Michigan Cavalry.pdf
A Northern Andersonville - Federal Prison at Elmira.pdf
A Northern Prison- How Rebel Captives Fared at the Elmira Stockade.pdf
A Noted Character - Captain John R. Kelso, the Scourge of Southern Guerillas.pdf
A Pair of Breastplates - A story of the fierce fighting on the right at Gettysburg.pdf
A Perilous Role - Adventures of One of McClellan's Spies.pdf
A Perilous Trip to Richmond - Colonel Jacquess's mission to Jeff Davis.pdf
A Personal Reconnoissance - Daring exploit of one of General Warren's Staff Officers.pdf
A Plan of Cooperation - General Steele’s Expedition Through Arkansas.pdf
A Prisoner at Camp Ford - Life and incidents at that Texas Prison.pdf
A Prisoner of War - A Veteran Illinois Soldier in Andersonville.pdf
A Prisoner's experiences - 200 mile struggle thru forests and swamps.pdf
A Prisoner's experiences - A novel escape and the trials of a 200 mile struggle thru forests and swamps.pdf
A Private's Story - One man's experience with the Garibaldi Guards.pdf
A Provost's Story - Life in Southern Tennessee during the last months of the war.pdf
A Race for Life - John Morgan's Raid Through Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.pdf
A Rebel Terror - Depredations of the Cruiser Sumter during the war.pdf
A Regiment of Gallant Men - The 53rd Illinois, whose mettle was tried on many a hard-fought field.pdf
A Regimental Surgeon - His Experiences During the First Six Months in the Field.pdf
A Regular at Fort Wagner - Impressions of Service with the Engineer Corps in Hazardous Operations.pdf
A Reminiscence of Stones River - One of the Most Hotly-Contested Battles of the War.pdf
A Ride of Horror - The Peabody encounters a fierce storm in the Gulf of Mexico.pdf
A Scouting Experience - An Exciting Chase.pdf
A Scouting Experience - The boys met with many strange experiences while foraging.pdf
A Scout's Adventures -- Escape from the Prison Pen at Florence, South Carolina.pdf
A Scout's Adventures - Making preparations for the famous McCook Raid.pdf
A Scrap of History - Second Day's fight in Hampton Roads.pdf
A Second Day's Sojourn - With the Army of the Potomac.pdf
A Slashing Criticism - The Eleventh Corps on the field of Gettysburg.pdf
A Soldiers Letter - The Convalescent Camp.pdf
A Splendid feat of Arms - Capture of Fort Harrison by Stannard's Division of the 18th Corps.pdf
A Spring Campaign - Operations in Missouri Against General Price.pdf
A Spurious Clerk - Desperate game of a Confederate Spy and Midnight Capture.pdf
A Stronghold Hard Beset - Story of the Confederate Defense of Fort Wagner.pdf
A Study of Bull Run - The First Great Battle of the War of the Rebellion.pdf
A Terrible Day - The fighting before Atlanta, July 22, 1864.pdf
A Union Man in Richmond - Personal recollections of the Great Rebellion, by a Native Virginian.pdf
A Unique Battleground - Operations in Southwest Missouri in the Early Part of the War.pdf
A Very Close Shave – How a rebel shell came near defeating the purpose of Sheridan’s Ride.pdf
A Very Daring Raid - Something about Streights expedition.pdf
A visit to Johnson's Island - Home of 1,800 Rebel officers under Uncle Sam's Control.pdf
A Voice from Johnson's Island - Communication addressed to Governor Vance by the Rebel prisoners in captivity.pdf
A Voice from the Wilderness - Rebel soldiers refuse to be forced to re-enter the Rebel Service.pdf
A War Memory - Corroding pain that lasts a lifetime.pdf
A Western Battle - Gallant Fighting on the Soil of Arkansas.pdf
A Year in Six Rebel Prisons - Terrible experiences and sufferings of a New York Cavalryman in the hands of the Rebels.pdf
A Young Marauder - Sketch of Sue Munday, the Kentucky Outlaw.pdf
About Gettysburg - Testimony of One who Saw the Fight from Both Sides.pdf
About Johnson's Island - Rumor of a plot concocted in Canada to release Rebel prisoners.pdf
About the Bucktails - The famous regiment of Pennsylvania Rifleman.pdf
Above The Clouds - The brilliant movement by which Lookout Mountain was captured.pdf
Accounts of escaped Union Prisoners - Graphic picture of their adventure and perils.pdf
Across the Plains - A three weeks’ journey with an Army Train.pdf
Across the Rapidan - A push into the Wilderness.pdf
Admiral Dahlgren off Charleston - An officer distinguished for patriotism and zeal, by Mrs. Dahlgren.pdf
Advance and Retreat - Personal experiences in the United States and the Confederate Armies, by J.B. Hood.pdf
Advance and Retreat - Personal Experiences in the United States and Confederate Armies by General J.B. Hood.pdf
Adventures of a Yankee Spy - Out from Vicksburg to gain information.pdf
Adventures of an Iron Brigade Man - A graphic description of campaigns, battles and marches in the Army of the Potomac.pdf
Adventures of an Iron Brigade Man - Belle Isle.pdf
Affair of the Pickets – Exciting events near Gaines’s Mill.pdf
Affairs before Richmond - The enemy severely repulsed.pdf
Affairs on the Potomac - Plans of General McClellan and the Army of the Potomac.pdf
Afield with Crocker's Brigade - Recollections of service with the Army of Tennessee.pdf
After Chickamauga - The Incidents and Hardships Experienced by the Army of the Cumberland.pdf
After the Battle - Some incidents and observations at Gettysburg.pdf
Against Heavy Odds - How a Little Band of 30 Withstood An Attack of Five Hundred.pdf
Against the Tide at Shiloh - Reminiscences of an Illinois boy in the Western Army.pdf
Alexandria - Graphic Account of its Capture and Occupation in 1861.pdf
Always at the Front - The 7th Illinois Cavalry and its magnificent fight for the flag, by W.W. Porter.pdf
Among the Guerillas - An unpleasant situation and a discovery.pdf
Among The Johnnies - How Prisoners Moved from Charleston to Columbia.pdf
Among the Philistines - Surrendered to the enemy without a fight.pdf
An Army Newsboy - A Kid's Reminiscences of the Fiery Front, With the Famous Old Iron Brigad.pdf
An Authentic account of the death of General J.H. Morgan - By an eye-witness.pdf
An Exodus from Danville Prison - The Feat of Tunneling Out Performed by Union Captives.pdf
An Ex-Rebel's War Recollections - Anecdotes and Descriptions of Tennessee Life and Scenes at the Beginning of the War.pdf
An Extraordinary Naval Career - A German boy from Texas rises from ordinary seaman to Rear-Admiral.pdf
An Historic Old Place - The Battle of Monocacy.pdf
An Ideal Leader - Reminiscences of Fighting Joe Hooker.pdf
An Ill-Advised Expedition - Terrible March of Crocker's Iowa Brigade Through Louisiana's Swamps.pdf
An Inspiring Sight - Fighting on Lookout Mountain and the Charge up Mission Ridge.pdf
Andersonville - A captured Union Soldier's story of his suffering.pdf
Andersonville - A Story of Rebel Military Prisons.pdf
Andersonville - A Vivid Pen Picture of the Horrors of that Southern Pen.pdf
Andersonville - The Trial of Wirz.pdf
Andersonville - The wretched history of this den of iniquity.pdf
Another Engagement at Mathias Point - Commander of the US Potomac Flotilla Killed.pdf
Antietam Days - A picture of the struggle in Maryland.pdf
Appomattox - Surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia.pdf
Appomattox - The careful testimony of the men who were there.pdf
Appomattox - The Reception of the Flag of Truce.pdf
Arkansas Post - A brilliant success follows a sad defeat.pdf
Arkansas Post - Narrative of a brilliant operation.pdf
Arkansas Travelers - Campaigning Under Curtis in the Southwest.pdf
Army Anecdotes - Some humor connected with service ashore and afloat-2.pdf
Army Anecdotes - Some humor connected with service ashore and afloat.pdf
Army Correspondence - From the 25th Ohio Regiment at Cheat Mountain, 1861.pdf
Army Correspondence - Letter from Ship Island, May 1, 1862.pdf
Army of Kentucky - Story of Kirby Smith's Second Invasion, by One of McCook's Boys.pdf
Army of the Cumberland - Molding an aggregation of Young Wolverines into a splendid Regiment.pdf
Army of the Cumberland - Operations at the Battle of Stone River.pdf
Army of the Cumberland and the Great Central Campaign.pdf
Army of the Ohio – Its organization under Major-General Don Carlos Buell.pdf
Army of the Ohio - One of the Smallest Armies, Which Had a Glorious History.pdf
Army of the Potomac - Its organization, campaigns, and service graphically described, by Martin Maginnis.pdf
Army of Virginia - Campaign in front of Washington in 1862, by General John Pope.pdf
Around Chattanooga - The Armies of the Cumberland and the Tennessee.pdf
Artillery Practice - Different Drills to which Heavy Artillery were Subjected.pdf
As to the Dead-Line - The true story of its establishment at Andersonville.pdf
Assault of Alatoona - Fierce struggle for the pass.pdf
At Antietam  - A True and Graphic Story of the 16th Connecticut.pdf
At Antietam  - The Gallant Services of the 125th Pennsylvania.pdf
At Chapin's Farm - Thrilling picture of the soldier in battle, by Rev. A.L. Morey, Company G, 98th New York.pdf
At Chickamauga - The fighting and maneuvering on the First Day.pdf
At Chickamauga - The Part Taken by the 82nd Indiana.pdf
At Fort Donelson - General J.M. Thayer's contribution to the history of that battle.pdf
At Franklin - Recollections of an orderly sergeant.pdf
At Fredericksburg - Report by General St. Claire Mulholland.pdf
At Gaines's Mill - Scenes and incidents of the battle.pdf
At Gettysburg - The Experience of an Ohio Artilleryman.pdf
At Gettysburg - The splendid work done by Smith’s Battery.pdf
At Harpers ferry - How the cavalry escaped out of the toils.pdf
At Harpers ferry - How the cavalry escaped out of the toils-2.pdf
At Libby Prison – Graphic pen pictures of the doings in that famous and infamous prison at Richmond.pdf
At Libby Prison – Ingenious escapes; Filling a prescription for General Winder; Prisoners exhibited at Baltimore.pdf
At Millen Prison - Recollections of an Ohio Cavalryman.pdf
At Nashville - The Gallant Service of the 15th Indiana Battery.pdf
At New Orleans - The Story of a Rebel Girl Who Joined the Union.pdf
At Perryville - What an Artilleryman Saw of that Battle.pdf
At Port Hudson - Sketch of the desperate assault on the works.pdf
At Sailor's Creek - The cavalry charge that settled the business.pdf
At the Carter House - The hot time endured by the 73rd Illinois at the Carter House Yard.pdf
At the Outbreak - A Pennsylvanian in Washington early in 1861.pdf
At Williamsburg - Recollections from survivors of that battle.pdf
Atlanta Campaign - Masterly monographs from a trenchant pen, by O.O. Howard, Major-General.pdf
Atlanta to Andersonville - From the firing line to the place of torture by exposure and hunger.pdf
Atrocities at Salisbury Prison - On a smaller scale than Andersonville but fully equal in atrocious abuse.pdf
Atrocity Unparalleled - The Horrors of Andersonville.pdf
Attack on Charleston - Nine iron-clads attack all the forts and batteries.pdf
Attack on Corinth - How Price and Van Dorn were routed there.pdf
August Morning with Farragut - An Interesting Account of the Fight in Mobile Bay.pdf
Averell's Raid - A graphic sketch of a Dashing Cavalry Exploit.pdf
Averill's Mistake - McCausland's Raid and the Burning of Chambersburg.pdf
Averill's Ride - Three hundred miles through the enemy’s country to  warn Emory.pdf
Away Down in Texas - Campaign of the Thirteenth Corps in the Winter of 1863.pdf
Back in Dixie - A Ten Days' Trip Through the Southland by Two Comrades.pdf
Back to Old Kentucky - The Story of John Morgan's Imprisonment and Escape.pdf
Baldy Smith's Vindication - A Review of the Situation of the Federal Army from Chattanooga to Petersburg.pdf
Ball's Bluff - A Battle that it Was Not Intended Should Be Fought.pdf
Ball's Bluff - How the Battle Was Fought and Lost.pdf
Balls Bluff - One of the First Great Mistakes of the Civil War.pdf
Ball's Bluff - Some Interesting results Happening From the Battle.pdf
Ball's Bluff - The heroism of the Union Troops.pdf
Baton Rouge - The Rebel Attack Under General John C. Breckinridge.pdf
Battery Boys captured by Guerillas Paroled - Release of six boys of the Second Minnesota Battery.pdf
Battle Above the Clouds - The Stain of Defeat at Chickamauga Wiped Away.pdf
Battle at Bethel Church - Full and autnentis details by an eye-witness.pdf
Battle at Charleston - Another eye-witness account. Ericsson speaks.pdf
Battle at Gaines' Hill - Retreat of our forces across the chickahominy, five days of almost continuous fighting.pdf
Battle at Monocacy - Official report from General Wallace.pdf
Battle at Springfield - Plans of the attack and the way it was conducted; letter from an eye-witness who was there.pdf
Battle at Williamsburg - Graphic account of Hancock's Famous Bayonet Charge.pdf
Battle Days of the Roundheads - The Civil War Experience of the Famous 100th Pennsylvania Regiment.pdf
Battle in Hampton Roads - Graphic Description by Eye-Witnesses.pdf
Battle in Missouri - Account by an eye-witness.pdf
Battle in Mobile Bay - Admiral Farragut's victories.pdf
Battle near Springfield, Missouri - General Lyons encounters the enemy again and is victorius.pdf
Battle of Antietam - The Gallant conduct of the 11th Pennsylvania.pdf
Battle of Antietam - The gallant conduct of the old 11th Pennsylvania.pdf
Battle of Atlanta - The terrible struggle of July 22, 1864.pdf
Battle of Ball's Bluff - The story as told by Rosecrans.pdf
Battle of Belmont - General Sherman’s call for two hundred thousand men.pdf
Battle of Bethel Church - The fight by an eye-witness.pdf
Battle of Chickamauga - Extracts from a private letter of an eye-witness to the battle.pdf
Battle of Chickamauga - Statement from Colonel Wilder; Terrible slaughter of Longstreet's rebels.pdf
Battle of Corinth - An Account by General Green B. Raum.pdf
Battle of Edward's Ferry - Interesting details by an eye-witness.pdf
Battle of Ezra Church - The Third Desperate Struggle in Front of Atlanta.pdf
Battle of Fort Henry - Report of Commander Foote.pdf
Battle of Franklin - Conrad’s Brigade Driven into the Entrenchments.pdf
Battle of Gettysburg – A hard march followed by a bloody fight; Little Round Top; The 11th Corps avenges Chancellorsville.pdf
Battle of Grand Coteau - The story of a Rebel dash after a Paymaster’s wagon and other spoils.pdf
Battle of Iuka - Experiences of a Fuller’s Brigade Veteran.pdf
Battle of Jonesboro - Which resulted in the immediate evacuation of Atlanta.pdf
Battle of Kernstown - A Series of Brilliant Movements in the Shenandoah Valley.pdf
Battle of Kernstown - How Jackson was beaten.pdf
Battle of Manassas - Private letter fom a 2nd regiment soldier.pdf
Battle of Murfreesboro - Disastrous defeat of the Two Right Wings – Alternate success and defeat.pdf
Battle of Nashville - The rout and destruction of Hood’s Army.pdf
Battle of Oak Grove - The First of the Seven Days' Battles Around Richmond.pdf
Battle of Parker's Cross-Roads - A victory over Forrest claimed in federal account.pdf
Battle of Pea Ridge - Van Dorn's Plan for the Capture of St. Louis.pdf
Battle of Perryville - Buell's Campaign in Kentucky and Tennessee.pdf
Battle of Pine Bluff - General Marmaduke’s unsuccessful attempt to capture General Clayton’s command.pdf
Battle of Rich Mountain - The brilliant flank movement by which the victory was gained.pdf
Battle of Spring Hill - The Sixty-fourth O.V.I. in the Tennessee Campaign.pdf
Battle of the Batteries - A graphical description of the most remarkable naval engagement on record – the first between ironclads.pdf
Battle of the Crater - First person narrative from a soldier of Company A, Sixteenth Virginia Infantry, Petersburg, July 30, 1864.pdf
Battle of the Iron-Clad Steamers - The Monitor and Merrimac, accounts from both sides.pdf
Battle of the Mine - The Blunder That Caused the Disaster of July 30, 1864.pdf
Battle of the Opequon - A Cavalryman’s sketch of the part played there by Averill’s Division.pdf
Battle on Kanawha - A reliable account from an eye-witness.pdf
Battle on the Rapidan - Particulars given by an eye-witness.pdf
Battles of the Wilderness - Graphic eye-witness account of the sixth and most desperate battle of the campaign.pdf
Battling Against Heavy Odds - Heroic resistance offered by a Massachusetts Regiment when assailed by Hoke’s entire division.pdf
Battling with Hood - Smith's Guerrillas at the Siege of Nashville, by John W. Lacock, Sgt, Co. C, 93rd Indiana.pdf
Baxter Springs Massacre - Murdering of unarmed men and surrendered prisoners.pdf
Bay State Minutemen - As In '76, so in '61, First to Respond to the Call.pdf
Bayonet and Saber - Their Value as Weapons in Modern Warfare.pdf
Before Gettysburg - Ewell's Corps in the Boonsboro Valley.pdf
Before Gettysburg - Governor Curtin warned the people of Pennsylvania that an armed force under a strange flag was invading.pdf
Before Gettysburg - Great battle Imminent; Movements of Hooker's Army.pdf
Before Gettysburg - Rebels within 25 miles of Harrisburg.pdf
Before the War - What the regular army found to do.pdf
Behind Prison Walls - How Unsuspecting Yankees Were Gathered in.pdf
Belle Boyd - Confederate spy, matched wits with the Union.pdf
Belle Isle - A Kentucky soldier tells the story of its horrors.pdf
Belle Isle - Graphic account of the sufferings in that Rebel prison pen.pdf
Besieging A Stronghold - The Capture of New Carthage and Battle of Thompson’s Hill.pdf
Besieging Vicksburg - A narrative by Chaplain  N.M. Baker 116th Illinois.pdf
Between Two Fires - An Old Virginian’s Experience During the War, by William E. Doyle.pdf
Bill Anderson - The Guerilla whose name was a Terror in Missouri.pdf
Bleeding Kansas - Sketch of William C. Quantrill.pdf
Bloody Ball's Bluff - How that unfortunate battle came to be fought.pdf
Bloody Battle in Missouri - Full account by an eye-witness; General Lyon Killed.pdf
Bloody Roundtop - The key to the position at the Battle of Gettysburg.pdf
Bluffing Morgan From Bardstown - How Colonel Emery put up a bold front with raw recruits and bad arms.pdf
Bombardment of Fort Sumter - Incidents captured by the correspondents of the Charleston Mercury.pdf
Bombardment of Sumter - Correspondence between General Beauregard and Major Anderson.pdf
Bombardment of Vicksburg - Captain George E. Curry, an eye-witness, details the whole.pdf
Boone's Dumb Charge - How 80 men of the 1st Kentucky Cavalry charged thru a Rebel camp.pdf
Boots and Saddles - The cavalry of the Army of the Potomac, by Brevet Brigadier-General Marcus A. Reno.pdf
Brave Little Red Cap - The Young Orderly of Monster Wirz at Andersonville.pdf
Breaking Out of Danville - One of the survivors of those who dug the tunnel.pdf
Brewster, Charles, Captured by Mosby’s Guerillas, NT, September 26, and October 3, 1901.pdf
Brief But Brilliant - The Campaign from Petersburg to Appomattox.pdf
Brig.-Gen. Joseph K.F. Mansfield - Events Connected With His Mortal Wounding at Antietam.pdf
Brilliant Naval Victory - Capture of the Forts and Batteries in Hatteras Inlet.pdf
Bringing up the Rear - Critical times on the Peninsula of Virginia.pdf
Bugle Notes from Dixie - Personal Recollections of a Confederate Cavalryman.pdf
Bull Bay and Port Royal - Position of the Armies of the Potomac.pdf
Bull Run – A Michigan comrade from Richardson’s Brigade tells his story.pdf
Bull Run - Eye-witness account of the battle.pdf
Bull Run to Washington - The great skedaddle by a survivor.pdf
Bulll Run - First great struggle on the plains of Mannassas.pdf
Burning a Privateer - Destruction of the Judah in Pensacola Harbor.pdf
Burning of Chambersburg - McCausland seething with vengeance; horrible barbarities; statements of eye-witnesses.pdf
Burning of Chancellor House - The 140th Pennsylvania saved part of the guns of Lepine’s Battery.pdf
Burning of the Columbia - Who Was Responsible for the City’s Destruction.pdf
Burnside Expedition - The voyage from Annapolis to Hatteras Inlet.pdf
Burnside in Tennessee - Jones in Western Virginia; Brilliant Military Movements of both Armies.pdf
Burnside's Expedition - Capture and Occupation of Roanoke Island.pdf
Burnsides Expedition - Roanoke Island, its defenses and defenders.pdf
By Field and Flood- The story of Lieutenant Newlin's Escape from Danville.pdf
By Fire and Flood - The awful disaster to the steamer Sultana.pdf
Cahaba Prison - Life and Death in this Place of Confinement.pdf
Cahawba Prison – And the terrible treatment which our Veterans received there.pdf
Cairo in 1861 - The most important strategic point in the west.pdf
Camp Chase and the Rebel Prisons.pdf
Camp Douglas - Discovery of a plot to release the prisoners at Camp Douglas and burn the city of Chicago.pdf
Camp Ford - The devotion to the government of the men confined there.pdf
Campaign Criticisms - Comments upon the topics of war time.pdf
Campaigning in Kentucky Appalachians - A Confederate’s adventures with Marshall’s Critterback Company.pdf
Campaigning through the Carolinas - From Savannah to Goldsboro With Kilpatrick’s Cavalry.pdf
Campaigning with a Grand Army - Some of the 104th Ohio's Service in the Latter Part of the War.pdf
Campaigning with Buell - Reminiscences of Operations against Bragg in Kentucky.pdf
Campaigning with Burnside - Personal Experiences in East Tennessee in 1863.pdf
Campaigning with the 7th Indiana Cavalry - A story of hard marching and desperate fighting in the Western Army.pdf
Campaigning with the Buckeyes - Ten thousand miles with the 68th Ohio, by M.B. Loop.pdf
Campaigning with the Buckeyes - Ten thousand miles with the 68th Ohio.pdf
Campaigning with the Western Army - Trying to stop Price and Van Dorn on the Hatchie.pdf
Cannonading at Pig Point - The Water Witch attacks the batteries.pdf
Capron's Cavalry - Defense of the Crossing of Duck River Against Hood's Advance .pdf
Capron's Cavalry - Operations on the Tennessee River Below Pulaski.pdf
Captain Daniel Ellis - The adventerous career of a loyal East Tennesseean.pdf
Captains Sawyer and Flynn - An incident in Libby Prison.pdf
Capture and Escape - Narrative of  James Coapman, of the Regular Cavalry, Detached Service in Winter of 1864.pdf
Capture and Escape - Thrilling adventures inside the Confederate lines at Salisbury.pdf
Capture of Blakely - Concentrating Troops of the Department of the Gulf.pdf
Capture of Columbia, South Carolina - Official Report of the Officer in command of the Advance Troops.pdf
Capture of Fort Fisher - Particulars of the affair.pdf
Capture of Fort Fisher - Particulars of the attack from an eye-witness.pdf
Capture of Fort Harrison – How the Rebels failed to retake it.pdf
Capture of Fort Henry - Account of the victorius battle.pdf
Capture of Fort Henry - Gallant Conduct of Our Young Western Navy.pdf
Capture of Mobile - The Last Campaign East of the Mississippi River.pdf
Capture of Nashville - Buells advance on Bowling Green, Kentucky.pdf
Capture of New Orleans - How Fort Jackson was Bombarded.pdf
Capture of Prize Vessels - Daring exploit of the Baltimore Boys.pdf
Capture of Roanoke- Some Particulars.pdf
Capture of Selma - Wilson's Rough Riders go Over the Rebel Works.pdf
Capture of Spanish Fort - The part taken by one division of the Sixteenth Corps.pdf
Capture of the Golden Rocket - Semmes’s first prize when he started upon his career of burning and destruction.pdf
Capture of the Privateer Petrol - Crew captured by the U.S. Frigate St. Lawrence.pdf
Captured by Forrest - Peril and Suffering Encountered by Two Adventurous Infantrymen in Their Efforts to Reach the Union Lines.pdf
Captured by Mosby's Guerrillas - by Brevet Major Charles Brewster.pdf
Captured by Mosby's Men - The fight near Dranesville.pdf
Captured by the Enemy – A Louisville Legion man’s prison Experience.pdf
Captured by Wheeler - A Boy’s experience with the Georgians around Dalton.pdf
Capturing a Smuggler - An incident in the Gunboat Service on the Mississippi River in 1863.pdf
Capturing Fort Blakely - Charging over the wire obstructions, abatis and torpedoes, capturing Rebels and viewing the wreck.pdf
Carbine and Saber - Warm work for the troopers under General Kilpatrick.pdf
Carroll's Brigade at Gettysburg - The fierce Battle on Cemetery Hill to recover our guns.pdf
Carrying the First Mail South - How, When and Whrer it was Distributed.pdf
Castle Thunder - A horrible name for a horrible place.pdf
Caught Them Napping - Arrest of the Secession Members of the Maryland Legislature.pdf
Cavalry Boy's Adventure - Goes thru a storm of bullets unhurt. Impersonates a prisoner and reaches camp again.pdf
Cavalry Captured Navy - Heroic expedition of the 7th Illinois Cavalry against two Rebel Steamboats.pdf
Cavalry Raids - The ill-fated expeditions to the rear of Atlanta.pdf
Cedar Creek - A Confederate’s remembrances of the decisive engagement.pdf
Cedar Creek - A spirited defense of the nineteenth corps.pdf
Cedar Creek - Sheridan's Army in the Valley of the Shenandoah.pdf
Cedar Creek - The History of an Eventful October Day.pdf
Cedar Creek – The splendid work done by the cavalry.pdf
Cedar Creek - Who Fought that Field and Won the Victory.pdf
Cedar Mountain - A Battle that for Gallantry Displayed and Losses Has Hardly a Parallel.pdf
Cedar Mountain - History from a Confederate standpoint and experience of a participant.pdf
Cedar Mountain - The Army of Virginia under Major General John Pope.pdf
Cedar Mountain -The Gallant Part Taken by Crawford's Brigade.pdf
Champion Hills - Grant's Campaign in the Rear of Vicksburg.pdf
Chancellorsville - Hooker in Command.pdf
Chancellorsville - A Defense of the First Division, Eleventh Corps.pdf
Chancellorsville - Action at Hazel Grove, on Saturday, May 2, 1863.pdf
Chancellorsville - Midnight Charge of Sickles at Hazel Grove, and the Wounding of Stonewall Jackson, May, 1863.pdf
Chancellorsville - The Attack of Jackson and the Resistance of the Eleventh Corps.pdf
Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, by John McElroy.pdf
Chancellorsville-Disaster attributable to Howard’s failure to repulse Stonewall Jackson.pdf
Chancellorsville-In the blind labyrinth of wood and thicket.pdf
Charge at Resaca - Question as to the capture of a famous battery.pdf
Charlestown - Advance of the Iron-Clad Fleet.pdf
Chased by Cavalry – A running fight by the rear guard at Dinwiddie Courthouse.pdf
Chased by Guerrillas – A Personal reminiscence.pdf
Chased by the Alabama – Incidents of a War-Time voyage from New York to New Orleans on Transport Mississippi.pdf
Chasing Hood – Fierce work by the hard-riding troopers.pdf
Chasing Johnny Rebels – A foraging party capture several of the enemy.pdf
Chattanooga Campaign - The Army of the Cumberland crosses the Tennessee, by W.S. Rosecrans.pdf
Checking a Pursuing Foe – Schofield’s great combat at Franklin, Tennessee, November 30, 1864.pdf
Chickamauga - A Campaign Unrivaled in the Annals of War.pdf
Chickamauga - A reply to General Wiley and a defense of General Thomas.pdf
Chickamauga – A true story of the break in the Line of Battle on Sunday, Sept. 20, 1863.pdf
Chickamauga - An Incident of the Great Battle in Georgia.pdf
Chickamauga - Going into Action with Hands Full of Bacon and Coffee.pdf
Chickamauga - Personal Recollections of One of the Hardest Fought Battles of the War of the Rebellion.pdf
Chickamauga – Rebel testimony that it was a fatal blow to the Confederacy.pdf
Chickamauga - Sketch of the Campaign and Famous Battle.pdf
Chickamauga - Some disputed points as to the fighting on Sunday.pdf
Chickamauga - The conspicuous gallantry of Van Derveers Brigade.pdf
Chickamauga - The Sanguinary Fight for the Possession of Chattanooga.pdf
Chickamauga – The struggle of Sunday as seen by an enlisted man.pdf
Chickamauga - Toilsome March of the Fourteenth Corps Over the Mountains.pdf
Chickasaw Bayou - Bloody assault on the flank of Vicksburg in the last days of 1862.pdf
Chickasaw Bluffs - Sherman’s attack on the rear of Vicksburg.pdf
Chickasaw Bluffs - The First Attempt Made by General Sherman to Capture the Rebel Stronghold at Vicksburg.pdf
Chickmauga Park - Sanguine Plans.pdf
Close Quarters with Forrest - Cutting out at Athens and the Affair at Sulphur Trestle .pdf
Closing Days of the War - What a New York Heavy Battery contributed to the finish.pdf
Closing Days with Johnston - Account of the Operations Against Sherman From a Confederate’s Diary.pdf
Closing in on Fort Gaines - Rebel Accounts of the Naval Engagement in Mobile Bay.pdf
Cole the Pirate. His attempt to capture the Michigan.pdf
Collierseville – A Veteran who was there tells the story of the fight.pdf
Colonel Coburn's Brigade – How it was captured by Van Dorn.pdf
Colonel Ellsworth - Leaves from his diary before the war.pdf
Colonel Streight's Escape – A story by one of his companions now living in the Indiana Soldier’s Home.pdf
Colonel Ulric Dahlgren - A Boy Hero Who Rendered Most Important Service.pdf
Color-Guard of the 9th Iowa – The Pea Ridge Flag at Vicksburg.pdf
Confederate Rams - Their Construction, Operations, and Final Disposition.pdf
Confederate Spies at Franklin – A bold but unsuccessful strategy and the tragic death of the two principals.pdf
Confederate States Agents - Rebel Secret Service Bureau.pdf
Confederate Torpedoes - Caused Great Loss of Life and Destroyed Many Vessels.pdf
Conflict off Newport News - Arrival of the Ericsson Iron Clad Steamer Merrimac from New York.pdf
Conflict off Newport News - Scene of the fight between the Rebel Iron clad gunboats and Union vessels of war.pdf
Conspiracy to form a Northwestern Confederacy - Plot uncovered; important arrests and testimony.pdf
Contest of Skill - The Campaign and Battle of Stone River.pdf
Corinth – A Rebel Officer’s account of his experiences in the fight.pdf
Corinth - Masterly Description of Albert Sidney Johnston's First and Last Battle.pdf
Corporal Pike - A story of border adventure.pdf
Couch at Fredericksburg - Graphic picture of the Bloody 13th of December, 1862.pdf
Count Von Haake – His death in the Wilderness and harrowing experiences in the burning woods.pdf
Cowan's New York Battery – It’s old captain tells of it’s glorious share in repulsing Pickett’s Charge.pdf
Crampton's Pass - The Start for the Great Maryland Campaign.pdf
Credit to Whom Credit is Due - The 33rd Mass Takes Claim for the Repulse of the Louisiana Division.pdf
Crocker’s Brigade - A Grand Gathering of Iowa Boys at Cedar Rapids.pdf
Crocker's Iowa Brigade - From an address by General W.W. Belknap.pdf
Cruise of the Mohican – Why they failed to capture the Confederate Steamer Georgia.pdf
Cumberland Gap - A strategic point during the war.pdf
Cumberland Gap - Narrative by B.F. Stevenson.pdf
Cutting Off Lee – Gallant part taken by the Maryland Brigade in the terrific fighting along the Weldon Railroad.pdf
Dahlgren’s Raid - His Bold Dash at Richmond in March, 1864.pdf
Dandridge – The occupation and sudden evacuation.pdf
Dark Days in Dixie - Reminiscences of Southern Prison Pens related by former inmates.pdf
De Gress's Battery – An article which should settle the controversy.pdf
Deadly Port Hudson - Bombarding, Digging, and Charging the Rebel Stronghold.pdf
Death of General J.H. Morgan - Authentic account by an eye-witness claims Morgan was shot after he had surrendered.pdf
Death of General John H. Morgan - An account by an eye-witness.pdf
Death of Morgan - Correction of errors in some alleged histories.pdf
Death of Quantrill - Another contribution to the history of the outlaw.pdf
Defending Buzzard Roost Bridge – How the 44 men of Company D, 115th Illinois held the block house for 10 hours against Hood.pdf
Destroying a Ram - The Last Survivor of the Daring Crew That Went Out with Cushing Tells the Tale.pdf
Destruction of Hood's Army - The end comes before Nashville.pdf
Destruction of the Hatteras – Engagement between the USS Hatteras and CSS Alabama, Jan 11, 1863.pdf
Destruction of the Virginia - Charges against Captain Josiah Tatnall, Confederate States Navy.pdf
Diary of a Pennsylvania Reserve – Story of campaigning with the Army of the Potomac.pdf
Dismal account of Libby Prison - Two sutlers, exchanged as soldiers through a mistake, talk of their time there.pdf
Disobeyed Orders at Chickamauga – A night on picket at the time of Chickamauga.pdf
Doctor Cannon's Story - Reminiscences with the 7th Ohio Cavalry.pdf
Draw Saber, Charge – The Michigan Cavalry Brigade at Gettysburg.pdf
Dread Days in Dixie - How I got into prison.pdf
Dutton Hill – A tribute to the memory of General William P. Sanders.pdf
Early days of Cavalry - Opposition to mounted men by the War Department.pdf
Early War Days – General R.E. Lee’s first defeat in West Virginia.pdf
Early's Great Raid - He Advances Through Maryland, Pillages and Plunders the Citizens.pdf
Early's Invasion - The Outcome of General Lee's Desperate Situation.pdf
Echoes of the War – The first amputation as described by the survivor.pdf
Elizabeth City Burned and Evacuated - Rebel Fleet Completely Destroyed.pdf
Elmira Prison – Where rebel prisoners were well-fed, comfortably clothed, and supplied with good quarters.pdf
Emma St. Clair - The Angel of Castle Thunder.pdf
End of Rebellion – Official correspondence looking to the cessation of hostilities.pdf
End of the War - And the Beginning of Reconstruction.pdf
Engine Thieves - The Great Story of Capturing a Locomotive.pdf
Engines of Destruction - Career and Fate of Some Confederate War Vessels.pdf
Episodes of the War – Pen picture of Phil Kearny; How Stoughton was captured; The key at Gettysburg.pdf
Escape from Libby Prison - A.M. Crane of the 1st Vermont Cavalry recounts his captuure and escape.pdf
Escape from Libby Prison - An interesting narrative.pdf
Escape of Union Officers from Richmond - Twenty-seven officers escaped from Libby prison.pdf
Evacuation of Maryland Heights – A piece of spitework on the part of Colonel Thomas H. Ford, 32nd Ohio.pdf
Excelsior - The Five Regiments that composed an Ideal Brigade.pdf
Exchange of Prisoners - Rumors from Richmond.pdf
Exciting Adventures - Reconnoissances in North Carolina Waters.pdf
Exciting Provost Duty – Stirring times at Knoxville at the close of the War.pdf
Execution of Corbin and McGraw on Johnson's Island - Convicted by court martial of recruiting for the Confederate Army.pdf
Execution of Dr. Wright - Graphic description by an eye-witness.pdf
Experiences in Southern Prison-Pens – Something about Cahawba prison.pdf
Experiences of a Prisoner in Dixie – Guarded by Imboden’s men at Richmond.pdf
Experiences of an Assistant Quartermaster – Sherman’s Bummers had far from a picnic on their long march.pdf
Explanation of Pope's Advance to the Rapidan and retreat to the Rappahannock - Strength of the Rebel Army.pdf
Exploding a Mine - Story of the Crater Movement at Petersburg.pdf
Fall of Fort Fisher- Report from the Flagship Malvern off Fort Fisher, NC.pdf
Fall of New Orleans - A Graphic Sketch of the Opening of the Mississippi.pdf
Fall of Richmond – Evacuation of the Capital of the Confederacy as seen by a Boy.pdf
Farragut's Squadron - Battle of Mobile Bay.pdf
Farragut's Victory - A Glance at its Importance.pdf
Fate of the Cumberland – A useless sacrifice of a gallant crew and stout ship in Hampton Roads.pdf
Federal Rule in New Orleans - Departure of General Butler.pdf
Federal Troops Probably in Possession of Port Royal - Great excitement in Rebeldom.pdf
Field Hospital at Sandy Hook – Stealing stragglers from Sheridan’s Army to build the hospital and act as guards.pdf
Fight at Atlanta – Work of the Seventy-eighth and Twentieth Ohio that day.pdf
Fight at Charleston - Repulse of the Federal Iron-Clads.pdf
Fight at Paducah - Description by an eye-witness.pdf
Fight at Pensacola - Reported bombardment of Fort McRae by the Niagara and Colorado .pdf
Fight on Roanoke Island – The Confederates Victorious; Enemy land five thousand men.pdf
Fighting at Philadelphia - The Infantry in the East Tennessee Campaign at 1863.pdf
Fighting at Tupelo - The Live Eagle Brigade and Its Gallant Work.pdf
Fighting Before Richmond - Stirring incidents of the Battle of Seven Pines.pdf
Fighting Black Hawk in Utah – The exciting adventure of Dispatch Bearers and a game little mustang.pdf
Fighting for Vicksburg - Experience of a 30th Illinois Soldier.pdf
Fighting Forrest – An Iowa Cavalryman's tale of Soldier's Labor Lost.pdf
Fighting Forrest – Capron’s Brigade and how it aided Schofield’s Army.pdf
Fighting His Way - The Night Passage of Kilpatrick Through Monterey Pass.pdf
Fighting in the West - Battle of Wilson's Creek, Where the Gallant Lyon Fell.pdf
Fighting Jackson – The 7th Indiana in the Shenandoah Valley in 1862.pdf
Fighting, Scouting and Picketing - Incidents in the History of the Saber Brigade, Army of the Cumberland.pdf
Fired First and Last Shots – Remarkable experience of Major Laughlin, 155th Pennsylvania.pdf
Firing on Fort Sumter - Experience of a Northern Mechanic in Charleston.pdf
First battle of the Civil War - As seen by an eye-witness.pdf
First Bull Run - A newspaper correspondents experience.pdf
First Bull Run - Experiences of an Ohio Three Months’ Man.pdf
First Day at Gettysburg - Heavy engagement on the Chambersburg Pike.pdf
First Flag in Petersburg – The colors of the 1st Michigan Sharpshooters thrust thru the face of the town clock.pdf
First Naval Movement - Early Union Expedition on the Coast of North Carolina.pdf
First Pennsylvania Light Artillery - Grand array of splendidly efficient batteries.pdf
First Steps in War - Organizing a New Regiment and Taking It to the Field.pdf
Five Days in the Field - A New York Engineer at the Battle of the Wilderness.pdf
Five Forks - Of Greater Importance Than it Has Gotten Credit For.pdf
Flanking Johnston - The Army of the Tennessee on the Move.pdf
Flashing Sabers - Chasing Lee’s Columns After Gettysburg.pdf
Flights from Prison - The story af a prison escape.pdf
Flights from Prison - The story of a Prison Escape that resembles Comrade Hill's.pdf
Florence Military Prison - The Yadkee Prisoners.pdf
Forerunner of the Gatling Gun – Terrible slaughter at Charles City Crossroads.pdf
Formidable Craft – Two Rebel Rams that caused consternation in the North.pdf
Fort Blakely - A Seamans account of its capture.pdf
Fort Delaware - A visitor describes this formidable fortress.pdf
Fort Delaware Prison - Soldiers released under a flag of truce.pdf
Fort Donelson - General Johnston Hurrying Re-enforcements to the Fort.pdf
Fort Donelson - Letter from an eye-witness to the battle.pdf
Fort Donelson - Preliminary Movements of the Contending Forces.pdf
Fort Donelson - Preliminary reconnaissance into Kentucky.pdf
Fort Donelson – The defense and surrender from a Confederate standpoint.pdf
Fort Fisher Taken – 2,500 prisoners and 72 guns taken; Official reports.pdf
Fort Fisher Taken - Report from Admiral Porter.pdf
Fort Gregg – Timely and most soldierly reflections upon revisiting the battlefield.pdf
Fort Harrison - How It was Stormed Early in that September Day.pdf
Fort Harrison – How it was taken, and the first three Union men on the Ramparts.pdf
Fort Henry Taken - The Navy Again Triumphant.pdf
Fort Pillow – A graphic account of Forrest’s Bloody work.pdf
Fort Steadman – General Lee’s plan and its purpose.pdf
Fort Steadman - The 100th Pennsylvania in the Recapture of Fort Steadman.pdf
Fort Sumter Attacked - Bombardment all day yesterday.pdf
Four-Gun Battery - Harrison’s Brigade at the Battle of Resaca.pdf
Franklin and Nashville - Narrative by John McElroy.pdf
Fredericksburg - As Seen by One of Meagher's Irish Brigade.pdf
Fredericksburg - Points of attack and defense on the Rappahannock.pdf
From Battlefield to Prison - Recollections of the Battle of Port Republic and Prison Life at Lynchburg and Belle Isle.pdf
From Britain's Docks - Career of the Rebel Ram Atlanta.pdf
From Cairo to Donelson - The 30th Indiana in Active Service in the West.pdf
From Chattanooga - Camp of the 2nd Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, December 28, 1863.pdf
From Culpeper to Spottsylvania - Interesting Reminiscence by a Veteran Who Saw What He Relates.pdf
From Fortress Monroe - Naval Bombardment at Gloucester Point.pdf
From General Rosecran's Army - Terrible Battle at Murfreesboro.pdf
From Grant's Army - A Letter from a private soldier recalls a six day's campaign.pdf
From Hampton Roads - Monitor, Stevens and Nargatuck at work.pdf
From Louisville to the Sea - A soldiers diary of the civil wa.pdf
From Milliken’s Bend to Vicksburg - Narrative of the Part Taken by the 114th Ohio.pdf
From Mobile - Farragut's victory; forts invested by General Granger.pdf
From New Orleans - Details of the capture; The forts surrender.pdf
From Pulaski to Nashville - The Positions and Part Taken by the First Brigade, Second Division, Fourth Corps.pdf
From Sandusky - Particulars of the Great Copperhead Plot.pdf
From Sandusky, Ohio - Conspiracy uncovered to capture the steamer Michigan and liberation of prisoners at Johnson's Island.pdf
From Second Bull Run to Antietam – Campaigning with the Army of the Potomac under Pope and McClellan.pdf
From Sherman's Army - Operations before Atlanta to August 6.pdf
From the 7th regiment - Notes from the battlefield; Camp Tyler, Virginia, April 13, 1862.pdf
From the Army before Corinth - Our Chicago boys and batteries.pdf
From the Army Before Richmond - An eye-witness tells of the terrible engagement upon the Peninsula.pdf
From the Army of the Potomac - Reported capture of Richmond by General Keyes.pdf
From the Forty-fifth Pennsylvania Regiment - Extract of a letter of a Private Soldier, May 13, 1862.pdf
From the Lower Potomac - Large Force of Rebels at Mathias Point.pdf
From the Rapidan to Groveton - Imminent Peril of the Union Army Under Pope.pdf
From the Sea to the Grand Review – Geary’s Division marches away from Savannah on the road towards Atlanta.pdf
Full account of the Naval Battle off Charleston - The Blockade not raised at all.pdf
Fuller's Ohio Brigade - A Band of Buckeye Boys Who Rendered Famous Service.pdf
Gaines's Mill – A hospital steward’s sketchy picture of a day with bullets and bandages.pdf
Gallant Soldier Sons - Bright Record of the 109th Pennsylvania in Armies East and West.pdf
Garfield in Kentucky – Humphrey Marshall plants his foot upon his native Heath.pdf
Garfield's Successful Campaign – Driving General Humphrey Marshall out of the Big Sandy Valley and Eastern Kentucky.pdf
General A.J. Smith's Raid – And the meeting he had with Forrest at Tupelo.pdf
General B.F. Kelley - The Man Who Kept Jackson Out of Pennsylvania.pdf
General Berdan - And his famous sharpshooters at gettysburg.pdf
General Blunt's Campaign in Southwest Missouri - Detailed by an officer who was an eye-witness.pdf
General C.P. Stone in the South – The only high officer in Banks’s Army who had any fight in him.pdf
General Curtis’s Army - The March Through Arkansas from Batesville to Helena.pdf
General D.E. Sickles - Defends the course pursued by him at Gettysburg.pdf
General Ewell - A staff officer tells the story of his capture.pdf
General Frys Story - Of Mill Springs and how Zollicoffer fell by his hand.pdf
General Grant’s Spies – One of his trusted officers writes interestingly of them.pdf
General Hazen at Chattanooga by General Green B. Raum.pdf
General Hill's Report - Explanation of the steps taken to intercept and pursue Garnett's Army in Virginia and Maryland.pdf
General Howards Reminiscences - Personal Reminiscences of the War of the Rebellion, 1884.pdf
General Howards Reminiscences - Personal Reminiscences of the War of the Rebellion, 1885.pdf
General Howards Reminiscences - Personal Reminiscences of the War of the Rebellion, 1883.pdf
General Irvin McDowell – General Haupt considered him the ablest General in the Army of the Potomac.pdf
General John E. Wool - A Hero of Three Wars.pdf
General Lee's Retreat - Pursuit by the Army of the Potomac.pdf
General Philip Sheridan - A dashing cavalryman and a hard fighter.pdf
General Philip Sheridan - A little gossip about the chief of the army.pdf
General Philip Sheridan - Personal Recollections.pdf
General Philip Sheridan - Talks of fighting and scouting on the plains.pdf
General Robert Anderson - Anecdotes never before published.pdf
General W. S. Hancock - His sudden death on Governors island.pdf
General William F. Smith - Perhaps the Greatest Strategist of the Civil War.pdf
General William Nelson - The hard experiences the 34th Indiana boys had with him.pdf
General Zook at Gettysburg – He leads his brigade into the very vortex of death and destruction.pdf
Gettysburg - A Complete Analysis of the Official Records.pdf
Gettysburg - After twenty Years.pdf
Gettysburg – As the historic town appeared before and after the battle.pdf
Gettysburg – General J.B. Sweltzer’s Brigade in the fearful struggles of the Second Day.pdf
Gettysburg - Great Speech of General Sickles on the Battlefield July 2, 1863.pdf
Gettysburg – Impressions of a great battle as told by the Chief of Orderlies.pdf
Gettysburg - The Campaign was a Chapter of Accidents.pdf
Gettysburg - The Third Corps' Great Battle on July 2.pdf
Gettysburg Battle - Discussion of its importance and the results of a Rebel Victory.pdf
Gettysburg Campaign - The Movements of Union and Confederate Troops.pdf
Gettysburg Reminiscences - A Surgeon's Story of the Battle on Pennsylvania's Soil.pdf
Girding for the War - Traitors and Spies.pdf
Girl Guerillas - Missouri maidens who fought with bushwhackers in the Civl War.pdf
Globe Tavern – A soldier’s recollections of the Weldon Railroad.pdf
Going Foraging - A hunt for much needed supplies.pdf
Going to the Union Army – A Tennessee refugee’s perilous journey to Kentucky, guided by a Federal Spy.pdf
Goodbye to Dixie - An Ohio Soldier's Story of His Escape From Danville.pdf
Grant and Thomas – How they appeared to a correspondent when Missionary Ridge was captured.pdf
Grant at Vicksburg – Storming the Confederate Works on the 22nd of May.pdf
Great Battle at Columbus - Samuel Harman of the Washington Rifles was an eye-witness.pdf
Great Battle at Gettysburg - A full and graphic account of the Three Days Conflict by an eye-witness.pdf
Great Battle at Gettysburg - Army of the Potomac Victorius.pdf
Great Battle at Gettysburg - Cavalry Fight at Hagerstown.pdf
Great Battle at Gettysburg - Desperate Fighting; The Rebels driven from the state.pdf
Great Battle at Gettysburg - First Day, Death of General Reynolds.pdf
Great Battle at Gettysburg - Rebel forces concentrating in the mountains between Carlisle and Gettysburg.pdf
Great Battle at Gettysburg - Union Troops Victorius; Rebels Retreating.pdf
Great Battle at Manassas Junction - Full account by an eye-witness.pdf
Great Battle at Memphis - Our gunboats overpowered; Memphis is in the hands of the enemy.pdf
Great Battle at Pittsburg Landing - Nelson's brigade drives the Rebels back two miles.pdf
Great Battle near Springfield, Missouri - Additional details from an eye-witness.pdf
Great Cavalry Fight - The engagement at Beverly's Ford and Brandy Station; 200 prisoners taken.pdf
Great Naval Fight - Statement of the Pilot of the Cumberland.pdf
Greatest Cavalry Raid in History – The swoop of the Western Rough Riders thru Alabama and Georgia.pdf
Greene's Brigade – Its splendid defense of Culp’s Hill.pdf
Gregg’s Cavalry - Its Participation in the Stoneman Raid of 1863 .pdf
Grierson and Forrest as Raiders – Grierson and Forrest as Raiders; Forrest’s spectacular raid into Memphis.pdf
Guerillas Rounded Up – Troopers of the 6th Pennsylvania have a lively time with Rebel Raiders in the Winter of 1863.pdf
Gunboat Fight at Fort Donelson - An eye-witness details the fight between Federal gunboats and the batteries of Fort Donelson.pdf
Hancock at Gettysburg - Sent by Meade to restore the routed right wing.pdf
Hard Lines - The Pitiful Experience of a Union Prisoner in Southern Pens.pdf
Harper’s Ferry – A story of the surrender, by one of the garrison.pdf
Harper's Ferry – How the Cavalry escaped out of the toils..pdf
Harper's Ferry and its Surrender - Recollections of a disastrous campaign, by W. H. Sanderson.pdf
Harris Light Cavalry – The unique and brilliant career 2nd New York Cavalry.pdf
Harrison at Peach Tree Creek – Splendid gallantry of a future President in a sanguinary melee.pdf
Harrisons Landing, 1862 - Rebels shelling the Union army .pdf
Hatch’s Hard Riders - The Brilliant Services of the Cavalry at Nashville.pdf
Hawes’s Shop - An Episode of Sheridan’s Great Cavalry Raid.pdf
Hawkin's Zouaves - Charge of the 9th New York at Roanoke Island.pdf
Hettie Fletcher - Rebel heroine of North Mountain.pdf
High-Water Mark of the Campaign – The fierce struggle for the Four-Gun Battery at Resaca.pdf
His Early Service - Picket Duty that was hazardous.pdf
His First Battle - An Indiana Boys experience in the second days fight at Shiloh.pdf
His Story – An Ohio Boy's Experience in the War.pdf
Historic Manassas - Experience of a Minnesota Comrade on the Old Battlefield.pdf
History of a Great Conspiracy - The conspirators and their programme; The Subterranian Passage found on Johnson's Island.pdf
History of the Corps - How They Were Formed and of What Troops Composed.pdf
History of the Ram Fleet and the Mississippi Marine Brigade in the War for the Union on the Mississippi and its Tributaries.pdf
Hit by a Rebel Sharpshooter – An interesting incident which occurred while Longstreet was besieging Suffolk.pdf
Hold the Fort -  Message From Corse.pdf
Hold the Fort - Signal messages between Kenesaw and Allatoona.pdf
Holding Allatoona – Graphic description of the Battle by a Wisconsin Veteran.pdf
Holding Duck River – Interesting episodes as told by a 14th Illinois man.pdf
Holly Springs - A Ten-Strike by Van Dorn and Murphy Caught Napping.pdf
Home on Furlough – A Maine Veteran’s story of his wartime vacation and its train of untoward happenings.pdf
Hood's Campaign - Sherman pursues Hood Northward..., by Captain Henry Romeyn, 5th U.S. Infantry.pdf
Hood's Invasion of Tennessee – General Wagner and his troops at Spring Hill; Errors and omissions in Captain Schofield’s account.pdf
Hood's Lines Broken - But General Cox could not have ordered a charge, by A.J. Bradford, Company F, 20th Michigan Cavalry.pdf
Hooker and the Army – General Le Due indignantly denies that Hooker had lost the confidence of his men.pdf
Horrors of Belle Isle – A Connecticut comrade takes up Captain Beecham’s account and continues the narrative.pdf
Horrors of Point Lookout and Elmira Prisons - A soldier's experience of a protracted confinement.pdf
Horrors of Rebel Prisons - An account that makes the blood run cold.pdf
Horrors of the Battlefield – A Massachusetts comrade piled dead comrades before him after a charge on the Confederate works at Petersburg.pdf
Horrors of the Battlefield - The terrible record of the brave Illinois Division led by the gallant McClernand.pdf
Horrors of the Columbia - A French Scout's Memories of Sheridan 40 Tears Ago.pdf
Hostilities Commenced - Bombardment of Fort Sumter.pdf
How a Fort Was Taken - The Investment and Bombardment of Fort Pulaski.pdf
How I Captured Seven Johnnies – An incident of the Antietam Campaign.pdf
How Mobile Bay was taken - Story of America's Greatest Naval Fight witnessed from the deck of one of the conquering ships.pdf
How Sergeant Rand Became a Private – A tale of self-sacrifice and heroism.pdf
How the Queen of the West ran the Blockade – A correspondent’s account of the running of the blockade at Vicksburg.pdf
How the Rebels Treat Our Prisoners - Albert D. Richardson testifies of the barbarous treatment before the Committee on the Conduct of the War.pdf
How they treat Union Prisoners in Richmond - A Cavalryman recounts his ordeal there.pdf
How Wadsworth Fell - His death at the Battle of the Wilderness.pdf
Hunting Deserters – Life with the 4th Cavalry in Texas after the Civil War.pdf
Hurling Hood Back – A 93rd Indiana comrade tells of doings at Nashville.pdf
In A Tight Place - Jeb Stuart's Close Call at Verdiersville.pdf
In Battle Line - by Free S. Bowley.pdf
In Front of Atlanta - The Desperate Fighting of the Seventeenth Corps.pdf
In Front of Fort Wagner – How the 82 men of the 12th Mass drove 89 rebels from their earthworks and captured 68 of them.pdf
In Front of Yorktown – Evacuation by the Confederates.pdf
In Front of Yorktown – Incidents and anecdotes of the siege.pdf
In Front of Yorktown- A Reminiscence.pdf
In Hostile Hands – A plain tale of trial and suffering in Salisbury Prison.pdf
In Libby Prison - A Sandusky County Soldier's experiences.pdf
In Mosby’s Clutches – One of the 5th New York Cavalry who fell into the hands of the guerillas.pdf
In Old Virginia - The 5th New York Cavalry in General John Pope's Campaign.pdf
In Pennsylvania - The trying march from Falmouth to Gettysburg.pdf
In Rear Of Vicksburg - Grant’s Campaign that Bottled up Pemberton’s Army.pdf
In Rebel Prisons - The graphic story of Lieut. Willis, 51st Indiana.pdf
In the Army - Reminiscences of a Quartermaster Sergeant.pdf
In the Carolinas - The Northward Sweep of Sherman's Resistless Army.pdf
In the Dismal Swamp – Revisiting the battlefields of the Roanoke Country; The gallant charge of the Hawkin’s Zouaves.pdf
In the Enemy's Hands – How a Union Soldier, wounded, saw the fight from both sides at Cedar Creek.pdf
In the Front Line at Ezra Chapel - What a Member of the 29th Missouri Saw in That Battle.pdf
In the Hands of the Philistines - A weary sojourn in the bull-pens of the South.pdf
In the Historic Shenandoah - At Cedar Creek, Belle Grove Farmhouse, Sheridan's Headquarters.pdf
In the Saddle - Services of the Cavalry at the Battle of Nashville.pdf
In the South in 1862 – Corporal Pike graphically describes conditions in Macon and elsewhere in the early part of the war.pdf
In the Thick of It - What the Iron Brigade Experienced in the Old-Dominion.pdf
In the Trenches - A Ninth Corps man tells of storming Petersburg.pdf
In the Wild West - Arizona at the outbreak of the rebellion.pdf
In the Wilderness - How the Vermont Brigade and Getty’s Division Fought and Suffered.pdf
In the Wilderness – Opening of the Forty Days Fight.pdf
In the Wilderness - The Army of the Potomac Moves Toward Richmond.pdf
In The Wilderness - The Disaster to Shaler's and Seymour's Brigades.pdf
In War Times - The National Capital Just Before the Outbreak.pdf
In West Virginia - One of the Important Early Campaigns of the War.pdf
Incidents at Resaca – The advance of the first day and bloody repulse of the second.pdf
Incidents of McClellan's Retreat – A starving horde reached Harrison’s Landing.pdf
Incidents of the Battles at Resaca - Details of the operation of our forces.pdf
Inside of  Rebeldom - Life of a Private in the Confederate Army.pdf
Interesting Revelations - General Baker's History of the Secret Service.pdf
Into the Wilderness – Barlow’s position at the Brock Road and Hancock’s and Longstreet’s position on the Plank Road revisited.pdf
Invading Virginia – The Rebels fail to fortify Arlington.pdf
Invasion at Gettysburg - Carlisle, Gettysburg and York in Rebel hands.pdf
Invasion of Vermont from the Canada side - An eye-witness account; Robbery of banks and panic of the citizens.pdf
Iron-Clad vessels - The Fight in Hampton Roads.pdf
Island Number Ten - The Enforced Evacuation of Columbus by General Polk.pdf
Island Number Ten - The First Success in Opening the Mississippi.pdf
Its Last Campaign - Shield’s Division Raced with Stonewall Jackson.pdf
Jeff Davis on Andersonville - All the fault of the North, we thought.pdf
Jeff Davis's Capture - Incidents in the pursuit of the arch rebel.pdf
Jimtown Raid - A lively tale of reconstruction days.pdf
John Morgan’s Raid - Through Ohio’s Fresh Fields and Pastures Green.pdf
Johnson's Island - Escape of Rebel Soldiers to Montreal.pdf
Johnson's Island - Letter from a prisoner..pdf
Joiner’s Ford – Exciting memories of the Blackwater.pdf
Judson Kilpatrick - A graphic sketch of a renowned Cavalry leader.pdf
Just Before the Battle – Thrilling midnight march of Sherman’s Rear-Guard.pdf
Kaintuck - Experiences of residents in a border state in 1861.pdf
Kanawha Division and its Campaigns.pdf
Kenesaw Mountain – The Twenty-fourth Kentucky capture a battery.pdf
Kentucky Strategy – Munfordsville an important point several times during the war.pdf
Kentucky Troopers – Who saved Rosecrans’s Ammunition Train at Stone River.pdf
Kilpatrick's Raid – The attack on and capture of Jonesboro.pdf
Knocking Down Big Guns – An Indiana Corporal’s happy achievements at Port Hudson.pdf
Landing of the Great Naval Expedition -Particulars of the fight; private letter from Captain Dupont.pdf
Last Days of Andersonville - Ending history of the torture pen.pdf
Last Flag of Truce – A perilous and eventful mission within Confederate Lines, resulting in the surrender of General Newsom.pdf
Last to Leave Andersonville – Final scenes at the pest hole; The trip to Jacksonville.pdf
Last week in Fort Wagner - Graphic history of the bombardment of the fort.pdf
Latest from the Virginia Campaign - Great battle on Wednesday, vivid description from an eye-witness.pdf
Latest from Vicksburg - End of the Arkansas as seen by an eye-witness.pdf
Laying a Bridge - Recollections of an Army of the Potomac Pontonier.pdf
Led by General Smith - Marching and Skirmishing in '64, as Told by One of the 7th  Kansas Cavalry.pdf
Lee Herron – Reminiscences of service on the plains with Tom Wallace’s Scouts.pdf
Lee's First Invasion - Recollections of the Eastern Campaigns of the Fall of 1862.pdf
Lee's Lost Order – It was found by some pickets from the 27th Indiana.pdf
Left on the Field – The exciting adventures of a wounded ex-Andersonville prisoner.pdf
Letter from Libby Prison - A communication from Colonel Baird of the 85th regiment Indiana Volunteers.pdf
Letters from Libby - Good Testimony as to How Prisoners Were treated.pdf
Letters from the Field - Accounts of events in the History of the 98th Ohio.pdf
Letters from the Second Kansas - Fight with Quantrill's gang.pdf
Letters from the Trenches – A contemporaneous account of the investment and surrender of Vicksburg.pdf
Letters Historical - Story Told by the Correspondence between Blunt and Hindman, At Prairie Grove.pdf
Letters of Charles A. Dana - Telling reports to the War Department from the Front.pdf
Lewisburg, West Virginia - One battle where the rebels were not out numbered.pdf
Libby Prison - A gentleman who has experienced the miseries there tells his story.pdf
Libby Prison - A Short History.pdf
Libby Prison - Lee's Army advances into Pennsylvania.pdf
Libby Prison - Ohio Prisoners Hold an Election in Libby Prison.pdf
Life in A Fort - Thirteen Months of Garrison Duty in Fort St. Philip.pdf
Life in Fort Delaware - Experiences of a Confederate Prisoner of War During 1863 and 1864.pdf
Life in Libby Prison - A letter from Leutenant G. Duncan Forsyth, 100th O.V.I. to his Mother..pdf
Life in Prison - Experiences of Union Officers at Columbia, South Carolina.pdf
Life in Rebel Prisons - How the Rebels Treat Our Prisoners.pdf
Life in Rebel Prisons- A Tennessan's Experience at Macon, Charleston and Columbia.pdf
Life on an Iron-Clad - The Experiences of a Volunteer Naval Officer.pdf
Lincoln in Richmond - True Version of the War President's Famous Visit.pdf
Lincoln’s Private Spy – An incident from the exciting life of Little Justin Hulburd, The most daring spy the world ever knew.pdf
Lively Prison Duty - Reminiscences of a 10th Kansas man about guarding prisoners.pdf
Logan At Atlanta - How his magnetic presence inspired the soldiers, by C.E. Adams.pdf
Logan in Line - At Ezra Chapel July 28, 1864.pdf
Longest March in the War – The 11th Kansas Cavalry claims that it made it and suffered from intense cold and hunger.pdf
Longstreet at Chickamauga – The masterly tactics which brought disaster to the Union Right.pdf
Lookout Mountain – A brilliant account of the exploits of Osterhaus’ Division.pdf
Lookout Mountain – What took place after the Battle Above the Clouds.pdf
Loss of the Monitor - Official Report of Her Commander.pdf
Losses at the Crater - Comrade Buell Gives Some Interesting Statistics as to the Fighting in Front of Petersburg in July, 1864.pdf
Loyal East Tennesseans – Story of a 150 mile march to reach the Union Lines.pdf
Loyal Kentuckians - Formation of Home Guards in the Eastern Part of the State.pdf
Loyal Mountaineers - Battle of Cross Keys.pdf
Loyal Mountaineers - Blenkers Division Object to West Virginia troops.pdf
Loyal Mountaineers - Bushwhackers Harry the Unionists of Eastern Kentucky.pdf
Loyal Mountaineers - Death of Colonel Washington, General Lee's Chief of Staff.pdf
Loyal Mountaineers - Direful Campaign which terminated at Second Bull Run.pdf
Loyal Mountaineers - Intense patriotism of our West Virginians.pdf
Loyal Mountaineers - Skirmish at Monterey.pdf
Loyal Tennesseans – What it cost to be for the Union at the South.pdf
Made Three Escapes – Comrade Grogger gains his liberty, after being recaptured twice.pdf
Major Anderson at Fort Sumter - General Buell's Story of His Visit to Him.pdf
Major General Kilpatrick – An enthusiastic cadet, who won a Major-General’s stars.pdf
Making a Brave Stand - The 39th Ohio at the Second Corinth Fight.pdf
Making Soldiers – Schooling raw Wisconsin recruits into splendid veterans.pdf
Malvern - The End of the Seven Days.pdf
Malvern Hill - A Michigan Comrade's Recollections of the Great Battle.pdf
Man of Resource - Active Service of General T.W. Sweeny, as Told by His Letters.pdf
March of the Army of the Potomac - Secretary Stanton's Despatches.pdf
Marching Through Georgia – A narrative by General O.O. Howard.pdf
Mark Twain as a Soldier - Served in a bloodless campaign.pdf
Maryland in the War - The Patriotism of Her Union Men and Her Record in the Civil War.pdf
Massacred Soldiers - The Brutal Slaughter at Centralia, Missouri.pdf
Matagorda Bay - End of a Long Cruise on the Tempestuous Waters of the Gulf.pdf
Meade at Gettysburg - by General John Pope.pdf
Meade Under Grant - A Narrative by General John Pope.pdf
Mechanicsville – Beginning of the Seven Days.pdf
Mechanicsville - One of the Important Battles on the Peninsula.pdf
Men and Events - Recollections of Distinguished Generals of the Civil War.pdf
Men on Horseback at Cedar Creek - Helped to Make the Most Wonderful Historic Day of the Rebellion.pdf
Merrimac and her Exploits - An inside view of the Rebel monster from the men who built her.pdf
Merrimac and Her Exploits - An Outside and Inside View of a Rebel Monster.pdf
Met in the Field - Personal Recollections of Some Union Officers.pdf
Military Correspondence - From Wetmore's Battery, Camp Cumberland Ford, April 8th, 1862.pdf
Military Telegraphing - Hazardous and Vitally Important Work of a Corps of Brave Men.pdf
Mink’s Battery - A Story of Doing and Daring in the Civil War.pdf
Minnesota at Nashville - More of her soldiers there than in any other battle.pdf
Minty’s Saber Brigade - The Part They Took in the Chattanooga Campaign.pdf
Miraculous Escape - One of a Long Series of Adventures.pdf
Miss Major Pauline Cushman - Female Scout and Spy.pdf
Mission Ridge - Story of the charge told by an enlisted maan.pdf
Missionary Ridge – A vivid story of the opening of the Battle on the North End.pdf
Missionary Ridge - Raising the Siege at Chattanooga.pdf
Missionary Ridge - The Battle Above the Clouds as Seen From Below.pdf
Mississippi Flotilla - A Nondescript Navy Which Speedily Becomes a Power.pdf
Missouri Bush and Prairie – A narrative by Ira M. Mallory, Sergeant, Company G,  17th Illinois Cavalry.pdf
Missouri in the Summer of 1861 - Affairs in that State the First Year of the War.pdf
Mobile - Start of the 16th Corps from Eastport until the capture of the Rebel stronghold.pdf
Monitor vs Merrimac- Story of the Battle by an Eye-Witness.pdf
More about Mine Run - Collection of statements from eye-witnesses .pdf
More About Spring Hill - The Theory of the Lost Opportunity Strongly Argued.pdf
Morgan and His Men - A Confederate Lyrist Chants the Praises of the Blue Grass Chieftain and His Followers.pdf
Morgan’s Rough Riders - His Kentucky Raid, December, 1862.pdf
Morgan's Men Under Duke – A narrative by George Dallas Musgrove.pdf
Morgan's Raid into Indiana - Operations of Morgan's Freebooters.pdf
Mosby and His Men - An interesting account by a Virginian.pdf
Mosby and His Men - How Mosby got the money he needed to keep going.pdf
Mosby and His Men - How two hundred Yankee soldiers went to take Mosby and his sixty men and why they failed.pdf
Mosby and His Men - Raids into the enemy's lines.pdf
Mosby and His Men - The last meeting of Mosby's Battalion.pdf
Mosby the Guerilla - John S. Mosby walks the streets of Richmond.pdf
Mosby's Mistake - A Wagonmaster's story of an attempt to capture his camp, by Martin Hargrove.pdf
Moscow, Tennessee – The bloody little battle on the banks of Wolf River.pdf
Mossy Creek – A desperate battle fought in East Tennessee.pdf
Movements at Vicksburg - Five Gunboats Pass Down.pdf
Murder of Six Confedereate Prisoners at St Louis - Particulars of the execution.pdf
My Maryland - The Part Borne by Her Troops in the Gettysburg Campaign.pdf
My Recollectioins of Stone River - The Personal Experience in that Hard-Fought Battle of a Man in the Ranks.pdf
Nashville Campaign - Part taken by the Second Division, Fourth Corps.pdf
Naval Action between the Kearsarge and Alabama - Semmes official report.pdf
Naval and Miltary Operations - Union Blockade, Rebel Batteries on the Mississippi; Forts on the Southern Sea Line.pdf
Naval Attack on Sewall's Point - Naval operations in Hampton Roads.pdf
Naval Battle at Charleston - Terrific naval bombardment; magnificient land attack.pdf
Naval Battle at Mobile – Details of the naval engagement in Mobile Bay.pdf
Naval Exploits Upon the Western Rivers - Proposition to take control of the Tennessee River.pdf
Naval Rams - Their advantages in modern naval warfare.pdf
Naval Sketches - Some of the Most Effective Federal Vessels in the Civil War.pdf
Negley's Division – It defense of Nashville and share in the Battle of Stone River.pdf
New facts about Quantrill - Stories of carnage as told by his mother.pdf
New Mexico – How one-third of the Union’s area was saved.pdf
New Orleans - Capture of Forts Jackson, St. Philip and Chalmette Batteries.pdf
New Orleans Victory - Despatch from Flag-Officer Farragut.pdf
News from Charleston - Fort Sumter Surrenders Unconditionally.pdf
News from Donelson – Hours of suspense to friends of the soldiers after the battle.pdf
News from the Great Fleet - Official despatches to the Navy Department, November, 1861.pdf
News from the Sixty-ninth regiment - Letter from a Private to his father.pdf
No Surprise at Shiloh - A Consideration of the Events of that Terrible Sunday.pdf
Norfolk is Ours - Lincoln's first Military and Naval Operations.pdf
North Carolinians at Gettysburg - A Critical Review of the Famous Confederate Charge on July 3, 1864.pdf
Observations in the South - A Massachusetts Chaplain's narrative of confinement at Belle Isle Prison.pdf
Off With Grierson – A dashing raid in the rear of Hood’s Army and its results.pdf
Official Report of Morgan's Expedition into Kentucky - Headquarters of Morgan's Command, July 30, 1862.pdf
Official Reports of the Naval Fight in Hampton Roads - Report of Lieutenant Pendergrast.pdf
Ohio at Gettysburg - The Regiments That Participated in the Great Battle.pdf
Old Capitol Prison - The horrors of the government bastile at Washington.pdf
Old Frigate Niagara – An old tar who will not have his good ship belittled.pdf
Old Peninsular Days - A Period That Tried the Spirits of Brave Men.pdf
On a Gunboat – The General Thomas running the batteries at Decatur, Alabama.pdf
On Board the U.S.S. Rattler – Scenes on the Mississippi by a Jackie who was on one of our Tinclads.pdf
On Cemetery Hill – Carroll’s Brigade and Rickett’s and Wiedrich’s Batteries.pdf
On Cheat River – A regiment demoralized by a mischievous ventriloquist.pdf
On Culp's Hill – The hard fighting by Wadsworth’s, Geary’s and Ruger’s Division.pdf
On Horseback - Incidents in the History of the 10th New York Cavalry.pdf
On Kansas Soil - Exciting Times on the Price Raid Against St. Louis.pdf
On Little Round Top - A Batteryman’s Reminiscences of Gettysburg.pdf
On Little Round Top – The bitter, obstinate, victorious struggle made by Vincent’s Brigade to save our left.pdf
On Little Round Top – The Fifth Corps fight at Gettysburg, particularly the 32nd Massachusetts part.pdf
On Special Duty - An incident of a Provost Marshals Life.pdf
On the Border - The Outbreak of Secession in Missouri in 1861.pdf
On The Firing Line - The 120th New York's Firm Stand on the Second Day at Gettysburg.pdf
On the Hatchie – The achievements of Hurlbut’s Fighting Fourth Division.pdf
On the High Seas - Capture of the Steamer Ariel by the Alabama.pdf
On the Lower Mississippi – Running the fleet past the batteries at Vicksburg and the exciting times before the event.pdf
On the Move - Cavalry Doings During the Last Days of the Rebellion.pdf
On the Right at Gettysburg - A Survivor’s Story of a Gallant but Unavailing Charge by the 2nd Mass.pdf
On the Right at Gettysburg – Brilliant work of the Third Brigade, Second Division, Twelfth Corps, on Culp’s Hill.pdf
On the Second Bull Run Field - The Gallant Fight Made by the Duryea Zouave.pdf
On the Second Day - A Light Batteryman's Story of Gettysburg.pdf
On the Teche – Soldiering amid the bayous of Louisiana.pdf
On the Wilson Raid – The 2nd Iowa Cavalry in the thick of action; The windup of the war.pdf
On to Atlanta – The 104th Ohio with Sherman in the Georgia Campaign.pdf
On to Richmond - Advance into Virginia.pdf
On Veteran Furlough - Surrender of an Ohio Regiment without a shot fired.pdf
One of My Busy Days - Sherman's Bummers Loose in South Carolina.pdf
One of the Forrest Boys – A Johnny Reb tells of the two weeks doings of Forrest in Tennessee in December, 1862.pdf
One of the Seven Days - What the Duryea Zouaves experienced at Gaines Mills.pdf
One of the War's Unrecognized Heroes – The value of John A. Rawlins to Grant and the country.pdf
One Who Was There – Some entertaining reminiscences of the Siege of Morris Island.pdf
Only man ever held prisoner by Quantrill - Reuben Randlett of Topeka has that distinction.pdf
Onward to Richmond - View by an eye-witness, May 31, 1864.pdf
Opening the Battle - A cavalryman's Recollection of the First Day's Fight at Gettysburg.pdf
Operations of the Rebel Rams on the James River - The 18th Corps again on the move.pdf
Orange Blossoms - Services of the 124th new york at Gettysburg.pdf
Orchard Knob – Raising the long siege of Chattanooga.pdf
Organizing Victory – Grant at Cairo in the Winter of 1861-62.pdf
Ossabaw Island, Georgia – A chapter from the experience of the 47th New York.pdf
Our Army at Vicksburg - Sinking of the Gunboat Cincinnati.pdf
Our Exchanged Prisoners - Arrival of 664 at Annapolis; statements of their treatment in captivity.pdf
Our friends in southern prisons - Truth sifted from rumor.pdf
Our Naval Squadrons - Biographical Sketches of the United States Navy in the Late War.pdf
Our Prisoners at Fort Lafayette and Delaware - An escapee from Fort Delaware tells his story.pdf
Our Prisoners in the South - What can be done to relieve them; immediate exchange or special retaliation.pdf
Our Suffering Prisoners - Narrative of the escape of Daniel Gibbon of the 132nd Regiment New York Volunteers from Belle Isle.pdf
Our Victories - Farragut's Success at Mobile.pdf
Out of Libby Prison - An Officer Captured at Chattanooga Tells His Adventure.pdf
Out Of The Lines - The Union Soldiers Indignantly Refused to Serve.pdf
Paint Rock River Bridge – Defense of Gen. Mitchel’s line of communication along Memphis & Charleston RR by a Wisconsin Squad.pdf
Palmetto Ranch – The last battle of the war, May 13, 1865.pdf
Particulars of the Fights at Aquia Creek and Fairfax - An eye-wiitness recounts the battle.pdf
Passage of Federal Troops throught Maryland resisited by the people - Thrilling account of the scene.pdf
Patrick’s Brigade – Its share in the stormy scenes on the right at Antietam.pdf
Patriots of East Tennessee – Isolated among enemies, they were starved, robbed, murdered and burned out because of their Union sentiments.pdf
Paying Back for Chambersburg – General Averell gives McCausland s severe beating.pdf
Pegram’s Raid - The Movement which was to Carry a Whole Army Back.pdf
Pennsylvania Reserves - Career of These Veterans from Cold Harbor to Appomattox.pdf
Personal Experience of a Prisoner of War - The troubles of a newspaper correspondent.pdf
Personal Recollections – Army bill of fare without soup or dessert; Hardtack; Fasting on Christmas Day; Fence rails for fires, etc.pdf
Petersburg - The 24th NY Cavalry at the Mine Explosion.pdf
Petersburg Revisited – An Irishman’s idea of the Crater.pdf
Philip H. Sheridan - An epitome of his service.pdf
Picketing and Scouting - Incidents in the History of the Saber Brigade, Army of the Cumberland.pdf
Pickett’s Mill – One of the twelve-days’ battles about New Hope Church.pdf
Pickett’s Mill – The hardest day in the history of Wood’s Division.pdf
Pictures of Prison Life – Rebels kept the prisoners moving to keep away from Sherman; Those with money were the first released.pdf
Piracy on the Lakes - Statements of the Pilot, Fireman and Watchman.pdf
Pittsburg Landing - The Historic battle ground of Shiloh revisited.pdf
Pittsburg Landing – The march of Wallace’s Division to Shiloh.pdf
Plain John Jones - How the 909th Pennsylvania acquired a non-enlisted recruit.pdf
Point Lookout - Description of the Rebel prison and its occupants.pdf
Poor Mike Mahone – The story of an unknown and unrewarded hero.pdf
Pope's Army at Munson's Hill - Seven miles from the capital; Rebels not following him.pdf
Port Hudson – Terrible days when the besieging ranks were thinned by disease and bullets.pdf
Port Hudson – The forlorn hope and the siege viewed from the Confederate standpoint.pdf
Port Hudson - The Premonition and Death of Lieutenant Strickland.pdf
Port Royal, South Carolina - Capture of Rebel Forts at Hilton Head and Bay Point.pdf
Prince De Joinville on the War - Difficulties of attacking Richmond; embarkation for Fortress Monroe.pdf
Prison Experiences - An Unpublished Narrative.pdf
Prison Experiences - What a Drummer Boy suffered on Andersonville and Florence.pdf
Prison Life at Fort Delaware - Captain Beckwith West of the 48th Virginia Regiment, recently released from Fort Delaware, talks of his confinement.pdf
Prison Memories - Castle Thunder, the Rebel Bastille for deserters spies and criminals.pdf
Prison Memories - The bright and dark side of Andersonville.pdf
Prison Pen and Swamp - Massachusetts Cavalryman's escape and sufferings attempting to reach the Union Lines.pdf
Prison Reflections on the Chancellorsville Fight - Richmond jubilant over a great victory.pdf
Prisoners for Life – Narrative by Colonel Theodore F. Allen, 7th Ohio, one of the captives.pdf
Prisoners in Georgia - Union prisoners at Andersonville.pdf
Prisoners of War - Extracts from the report on the treatment of prisoners by Rebel Authorities.pdf
Prisoners of War - How the Rebel prisoners at Elmira were treated, statement of a medical officer.pdf
Prisoners of War – The object of ex-prisoners of war associations.pdf
Quantrill - The Missouri Guerilla.pdf
Quantrill's Raiders - Hold reunion and share exploits.pdf
Race after Wheeler - The Little Rebel Cavalryman on a Great Raid.pdf
Racing the Rebels - The move from Cold Harbor to Petersburg.pdf
Raiding Hood's Rear - Minty's Division in the rush on Jonesboro.pdf
Raising the Siege - Storming Lookout Mountain; The Battle Above the Clouds.pdf
Rallying to the First Call - Story of a Three-Month’s Man’s Experience.pdf
Random Reminiscences - Anecdotes of battlefield and camp by a 36th Indiana man-2.pdf
Random Reminiscences - Anecdotes of battlefield and camp by a 36th Indiana man.pdf
Real War Stories – Two soldiers left for dead, shed many tears afterward; Both for a long time were bereft of memory.pdf
Ream's Station - Echoes from the battlefield.pdf
Rebel Accounts of the Naval Engagement in Mobile Bay – From a correspondent with the Mobile Tribune, August 9.pdf
Rebel Cruelties to Prisoners - Horrors of Libby, Belle Isle and Andersonville.pdf
Rebel Defeat at Mobile - Survey of the situation.pdf
Rebel Plundering Expedition into Maryland - Sharp cavalry fight in the streets of Hagerstown.pdf
Rebel Prisoners - Officers of Lee's Army who surrendered to Grant.pdf
Rebel Reports - Rumored capture of Milliken's Bend, Louisiana; Grant steadily advancing.pdf
Rebel Treatment of Union Prisoners - Narrative of Colonel Streight.pdf
Rebellion’s High Tide - The Splendid Work on Culp’s Hill by the Twelfth Corps.pdf
Rebels advancing on Harrisburg - A battle expected today.pdf
Recalling War Memories – A Cavalryman’s experiences in the Shenandoah.pdf
Recaptured and Confined in Salisbury Prison.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A Battle with the Red Skins.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A Boy's adventuures at Port Hudson.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A Brush with Bushwhackers.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A Cavalry Boy's Adventure.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A Cavalryman's experiences in the Shenandoah.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A Gettysburg Diary.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A Graphic picture of Chambersburg during the invasions of Lee and Ewell.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A Hard march in Texas and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A June evening before Atlanta and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A New Lincoln Story.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A Prisoner at Camp Ford.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A Prisoner's Experiences.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A Regiment to be Proud of.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A Scouting Experience and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A sketch of General George H. Thomas.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A story of Perry Douglass.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A tale of two weeks with Forrest in Tennessee in 1862.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – A True War Story.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Abandoned on Picket.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Abercrombie's Brigade.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Aboard the Ram US Queen of the West.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – About the gun Lady Davis.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Adventure with Guerillas.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Affair at Port Republic, 66th Ohio cut off and captured.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Affair of the Pickets.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – After the Chambersburg Raiders.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Allabach's Brigade.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – An expedition from the U.S.S. Oneida which secured useful information and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – An Expedition to the Bad Lands.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – An instance of chivalry.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Andersonville and other Prisons.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Andersonville and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Andersonville Dead Roll and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Andrew McNamar.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Antietam.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Arkansas Post and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Assault on Fort Hudson and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – At Chancellorsville and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – At Libbey Prison, some ingenious escapes.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – At Libbey Prison, that infamous prison at Richmond.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – At Philadelphia, Tennessee and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – At Port Hudson and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – At Port Hudson with the 4th Wisconsin Cavalry and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – At Winchester under Milroy.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Averill and Cedar Creek, Cole's Maryland Cavalry.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Battery F, 1st Illinois Light Artillery.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Battle of Cedar Creek and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Battle of Franklin and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Battle of Jonesboro.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Battle of McDowell; Stannard’s Brigade; Allabach’s Brigade; The Star of the West; Zook’s Brigade.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Battle of Milliken's Bend.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Battle of the Opequon, part played by Averill's Division.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Bluffing Morgan from Bardstown.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Breaking out of Danville.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Burning of Chancellor House.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Burning of Columbia.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Bushbeck's Brigade.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Caldwell's Brigade at Antietam.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Camp Ford.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Captor of Jeff Davis Dead.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Capture and Escape and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Capture of Columbia, South Carolina.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Capture of Selma and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Capture of Shy's Hill, McMillan's Brigade at Nashville.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Capture of Spanish Fort.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Capture of the Golden Rocket.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Captured by Wheeler.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Capturing Fort Blakely.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Carried a Musket at 13 and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Carried flag up Missionary Ridge and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Carroll's Brigade at Gettysburg.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Cedar Creek.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Chasing border bushwhackers.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Chasing Johnny Rebels.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Chickamauga and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Close quarters with a Rebel scouting Party and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Close, Deadly fighting at Resaca.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Colonel Streight's Escape and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Count Von Haake.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Cowan's New York Battery.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Credit to Whom Credit is Due.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Croxton's Cavalry and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Cruise of the Mohican.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Daring exploit at Island No. 10 and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Daughters of the South and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Death of Adjutant Wynkoop and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Death of General A.P. Hill and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Death of General A.P. Hill.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Death of General McCook.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Death of Major Theodore Winthrop.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Defending Buzzard Roost Bridge.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Destruction of the Hatteras.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Disobeyed Orders at Chickamauga and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Evacuation of Maryland Heights and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Experiences of a Prisoner in Dixie.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Facts about Major Sellers and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Field hospital at Sandy Hook.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Fighting Black Hawk in Utah.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Fired first and last Shots.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – First Flag in Petersburg and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Foraging expedition on the Rapidan.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Forerunner of the Gatling Gun and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Fort Donelson and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Fort Gregg memories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Fort Steadman.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Freeman McGilvery and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – From Atlanta to the Sea.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – From Fortress Monroe to Ship Island and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – From Martinsburg to Harpers Ferry.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Garfield's successful Campaign.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences - General C.P. Stone in the Southjp2.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – General Irvin McDowell.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – General John Pope.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – General Joseph Hooker.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – General Nelson predicts Pope's fate.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – General William Nelson and the 34th Indiana and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – General Zook at Gettysburg.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Getting a message to General Banks from the Secretary of War after Second Bull Run.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Gettysburg and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Graphic description of conditions in Macon and elsewhere early in the War.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Greatest Cavalry Raid in History.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Greene's Brigade.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Grierson and Forrest as raiders.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Guarding a wagon train and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Guerillas Rounded Up and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Helena, Arkansas and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Hit by a Rebel Sharpshooter and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Hold the Fort, Sherman recieves word from Corse.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Hood's Invasion of Tennessee.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Hooker and the Army.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Horrors of the Battlefield and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – How I captured Seven Johnnies.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Hurlbut's battle with Van Dorn and Price and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – In front of Fort Wagner.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – In Mosby's Clutches and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – In the Dismal Swamp and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – In the enemy's hands.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Incidents at Resaca.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Incidents of McClellan's Retreat.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Kanawha to Lynchburg and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Kilpatrick's Cavalry and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Knocking down Big Guns at Port Hudson.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Last to leave Andersonville.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Lauman, Ord and Dana and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Lee's Last Order.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Letter written after Perryville and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Lincoln's Private Spy.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Long Service of the 161st New York and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Longest March in the War and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Loyal Tennesseeans.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Made three escapes.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – McClellan and his successors.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – McClellan Dragoons and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – McCook's Raid.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – McGilvery's Battery.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Meagher's Brigade at Fredericksburg.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Missionary Ridge.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Mosby's Guerillas attack the Paymaster's Train and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Negley's Diviaion and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Nelson's Division at Shiloh and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Old Frigate Niagara.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Old Soldier's Stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Old veteran's thrilling story of the fight at Gettysburg.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – On Board the USS Rattler.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – On Cemetery Hill with Carroll's Brigade.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – On Culp's Hill.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – On the Right at Gettysburg.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – One of Sherman's Bummers loose in South Carolina.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Ossabaw Island, Georgia and the experience of the 47th New York.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Palmetto Ranch, Last battle of the war.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Part taken by the 100th Pennsylvania in recapturing Fort Steadman.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Patrick's Brigade.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Patriots of East Tennessee.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Paying Back for Chambnersburg and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Personal Recollections and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Pickett's Mill, a hard day for Wood's Division.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Picture of Phil Kearny, how Stoughton was captured.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Pictures of Prison Life.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Quantrill , the Outlaw and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Raid of Osband's Troopers and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Remembering Colonel Haymond.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Reminiscence of Lawton and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Reminiscence of Sherman's Army.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Reminiscences of Lincoln.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Repulsing the Tigers at the cemetery.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Riding through Baltimore and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Riding with Stoneman and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Robertson's Horse battery and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Route of the First Corps to Getttysburg.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Running fight by the rear guard at Dinwiddie Court House.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Running the Fleet past the batteries at Vicksburg.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Sabine Crossroads and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Saving the Southwest.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Scouting in the Cumberland Valley.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Sheridan at Cedar Creek.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Sheridan's arrival at Cedar Creek.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Sherman's transportation in danger.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Shiloh revisited.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Siege of Charleston.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Siege of Vicksburg and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Sketches of Lincoln.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Skirmish at Berryville.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Soldiering on the Plains.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Steedman's Charge at Chickamauga and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Stone River and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Stray Bullets and Rebel Prisoners and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Tebbs Bend and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – That Port Hudson Zouave.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 12th Indiana and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery at Petersburg.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 1st Kentucky Cavalry charges through a rebel camp.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 22nd Ohio and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 27th Indiana at Gettysburg.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 2nd New York and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 32nd Ohio receives the Flag of Truce.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 33rd Massachusetts at Chanceloorsville.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 34th Indiana at Palmetto Ranch.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 3rd Iowa Cavalry in the Wilson Raid.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 3rd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 41st Illinois at Shiloh.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 45th Wisconsin's Experiences in Memphis and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 68th Illinois and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 71st Ohio at Shiloh.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – the 73rd Illinois at Carter House Yard.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 8th Tennessee and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The 9th Ohio at Chickamauga and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Atlanta Campaign, excerpts from a diary.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Battle of Corinth.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Battle of McDowell.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Battle of Plains Store and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Battle of Rich Mountain.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Capture of Jeff Davis.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Capture of Spanish Fort.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Charge on Vicksburg and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Close of Chickamauga and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The End of the War.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The experiences of an Assistant Quartermaster and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Fight at Chuckatuck.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Fighting on Lookout Mountain.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The First Flag at Columbia.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Flag of the 26th Tennessee.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Fort Donelson Fight.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Glorious Second Corps and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Hardships of Prison Life.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Hunter Raid upon Lynchburg.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Iron Brigade at Chickamauga.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Last Engagement.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The marching and fighting 8th Vermont.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Milliken's Bend Scrap and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Mobile Bay Forts and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Ninth Corps at Antietam.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Port Republic Bridge.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Red River Campaign.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Regular Engineers.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Siege of Suffolk.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Slaughter at Sunken Road.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Train Mosby Caught.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – The Twenty-Third Corps in the Siege of Atlanta.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Through Gettysburg.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Tunnel Hill and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Tunnel Hill continued and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Tunneled out of Danville.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Two Years' Men and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Waiting 14 Years and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – War's grim humor and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – What a drummer boy saw at Chancellorsville.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Wheaton's Brigade.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Who opened the fight in the Wilderness.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Who Was this Officer and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Wilson's Famous Raid.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – With Canby at Valverde, New Mexico.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Wreck of the Steamer Governor and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences – Yankee armed by Rebel and other stories.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences –Bull Run.pdf
Recitals and Reminiscences –The fierce struggle for the four-gun battery at Resaca.pdf
Recollections - Of a Private in the Army of the Potomac.pdf
Recollections of a Regular – Some men of the Old Army.pdf
Recollections of Chattanooga - The capture and holding of a Gateway of the Rebellion, by W.E. Doyle, Adjutant, 17th Indiana.pdf
Recollections of General Sherman - Anecdotes of the Veteran Commander by one who knew him in his latter days.pdf
Recollections of Malvern Hill - What a non-combatant saw.pdf
Recollections of W.T. Sherman – Unjust criticism of the First Attack on Vicksburg.pdf
Red River Campaign - A Magnificent Army in the Best Fighting Trim.pdf
Red River Campaign – Banter between the comrades of the different Corps.pdf
Reducing Fort Sumter – Extensive and formidable works around Charleston harbor.pdf
Reducing Roanoke - Early Operations in the Sounds of North Carolina.pdf
Regarding the Gun Lady Davis.pdf
Regiment to Be Proud Of - A member of the 2nd Delaware tells something of its services.pdf
Regulars to the Van - Their Untarnished Record and Brilliant Service.pdf
Release of General Pope's Officers - Arrival of released prisoners of war at Fortress Monroe.pdf
Release of Prisoners - Terrible Scenes of Suffering During the Last Days.pdf
Reminiscence of Sherman's Army – Incidents of the Campaign in Tennessee and at Atlanta; The March to the Sea and Savannah.pdf
Reminiscences - Recollections of an Illinois infantryman.pdf
Reminiscences by Colonel Haymond.pdf
Reminiscences of an Army Mule - Dissolving Views of the War Photographed From the Rear.pdf
Reminiscences of Lincoln – Neighbors and friends of his tell of Lincoln as they saw and knew him.pdf
Reminiscences of Stonewall Jackson - By a member of his staff-1.pdf
Reminiscences of the Civil War – Stray bullets; Rebel prisoners; Cavalry charge at Winchester; Cold Harbor; Repulse of Early’s Army.pdf
Reminiscences of Vicksburg - Written during the siege by an eye-witness.pdf
Repulsing the Tigers at the Cemetery – A contributor gives the Germans, under Schurz and headed by Krzyzanowski credit for it.pdf
Return of Surgeons from Richmond - Narrative of their experiences.pdf
Rich Mountain – Western Virginia cleared of Confederate Troops.pdf
Roanoke Island - Review of an article by Colonel Hawkins, 9th New York.pdf
Rock Creek Affair – The place the Mormons consider their Holy Land; War in Missouri.pdf
Rogersville - Capture and escape of the Adjutant General of Garrard's Brigade.pdf
Rosendale Squad - Being a Narrative of Varied Service with the 1st Wisconsin Cavalry.pdf
Rough Riding on the Plains - A Trooper's Story.pdf
Rough Riding with Palmer - The Story of the Services of the 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry.pdf
Round The Camp-Fire – Tales of the war told by our Veterans themselves.pdf
Round Top - Mr. Gerrish replies to a criticism of his book.pdf
Rounding up the Confederacy - Veteran Campaigns of the 68th Ohio.pdf
Rousseau's Raid – Reminiscences of an 8th Indiana Cavalryman who followed the daring General.pdf
Route of the First Corps to Gettysburg – July 1, 1863; Part of which I was and all of which I saw.pdf
Running the Batteries at Vicksburg – A volunteer on the J.W. Cheeseman gives an account of that exciting experience.pdf
Running the Batteries at Vicksburg - An  eye-witness describes running of the batteries at Vicksburg by six transports.pdf
Running the Blockade – The ram Queen of the West attempts to run the blockade at Vicksburg.pdf
Sabers to the Front - Story of Coon’s Brigade, of Hatch’s Cavalry Division.pdf
Sabine Crossroads - Composition of the First Division, Nineteenth Corps.pdf
Sabine Crossroads – From the battlefield to prison in Camp Tyler, Texas.pdf
Sabine Crossroads – Personal experiences of an Indianan with Bank’s Red River Expedition.pdf
Sabine Crossroads - The Diastrous Red River Campaign and the officer responsible for the failure.pdf
Sad Days at Chancellolrsville - General Hooker's Brilliant Promise Ends in Gloomy Defeat.pdf
Sailor's Creek - Capture of Ewell and his corps.pdf
Saint-Peirre, H.E. Miraculous Escape - One of a long series of adventures.pdf
Salisbury - The Outbreak of the Prisoners and its Murderous Repression.pdf
Salisbury Prison - A lawyer for prisoners replies to accusations of abuse.pdf
Salisbury Prison - An account of the famous outbreak at that place of suffering.pdf
Salisbury Prison - Rumors abound of the manner of arresting and conducting prisoners.pdf
Salisbury Prison - Systematic starvation of the inmates.pdf
Salisbury Prison - The Personal Experiences of an Ohio Cavalryman.pdf
Saved the Bridge - It Was Done by Colonel Starbird and the Gallant 19th Maine.pdf
Saved the Day - Greene's Battery Behaves Nobly at Gettysburg.pdf
Saved the Pickets - A Union girl's daring in the face of the enemy.pdf
Saving the Capital - Grand Rush of Northern Troops to washington.pdf
Saving the Southwest – It was done by general Canby before the Californians arrived.pdf
Schofield at Franklin – The mistake that sacrificed Wagner’s Brigade.pdf
Scouting Adventures - Opening communication between Meads and Lees armies.pdf
Scouting in East Tennessee - The Bitter Cold Advent of the Great War Year.pdf
Scouting in Tennessee - Guerilla Smuggler, and Horse Hunting or How the Chaplain Got a Mount.pdf
Scouting in Tennessee - Recollections of Services There Toward the Close of the War.pdf
Scouting in Tennessee - With Ward's Cavalrymen in Spring of 1863.pdf
Scouting in the Cumberland Valley – Interesting experiences with Lee’s Advanced Guard at Appomattox.pdf
Scouting Incidents - Stories of Bushwhacker hunting in Tennessee.pdf
Secession’s Cradle – How Charleston passed again under Federal Control.pdf
Second Attack on Charleston - Commencing Friday morning, July 10, 1863; an eye-witness account.pdf
Second Battle of Bull Run - Full and reliable details from an eye-witness.pdf
Second Bull Run - How the Battle Was Fought, The Story retold by Two Soldiers.pdf
Second Bull Run - Unions and Confederates visiting that hallowed ground.pdf
Semmes the Pirate – Ravages of the Sumter, Alabama and other Privateers.pdf
Seven Days Fighting on the Chickahominy - Battles of Mechanicsville, Ellyson's Mills, Beaver Dam Creek and Gaines' Mills.pdf
Shelby’s Raid in Missouri - A Bold Confederate Dash to Cripple Union Operations.pdf
Shenandoah Valley - At Strasburg, Fisher's Hill, Banks Fort, Cedar Creek, Winchester and Opequon.pdf
Shenandoah Valley - Debatable Ground, Occupied Alternately by Both Armies.pdf
Shenandoah Valley - Operations in Virginia During the Year 1862.pdf
Shenandoah Valley - The Movement from Petersburg to Baltimore.pdf
Sheridan - Reminiscences of a great Cavalryman.pdf
Sheridan at Cedar Creek – A vivid description of the fight by a man who had a good chance to see it.pdf
Sheridan with the Army of the Cumberland - History of the Masterly Services of Little Phil from Perryville to Missionary Ridge.pdf
Sheridan's Arrival at Cedar Creek – Early morning alarm; Whole Army engaged and rebels checked by 8 o’clock; Sheridan arrives at about 930 a.m.pdf
Sheridan's Ride - From Martinsburg to Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 18 and 19, 1864.pdf
Sheridans Ride - The True Story of the event.pdf
Sheridan's Ride – The true story of the great turning of defeat into glorious victory.pdf
Sheridan's Ride – Winchester to Cedar Creek.pdf
Sheridan's Trevillian Raid – Incidents on that expedition as told by one of the 2nd Cavalry boys.pdf
Sherman's Inaction - A Discussion of the Movements about Mission Ridge.pdf
Sherman's March - Journal of an eye-witness; description of the incidents.pdf
Sherman's March through South Carolina - An eye-witness account.pdf
Sherman's Transportation in Danger – An interesting reminiscence by General Le Duc.pdf
Shields in the Shenandoah – Driving the Confederates out of the valley.pdf
Shiloh's Scapegoats - Truth of History brought to light.pdf
Sick and in Prison - The Dark Side of the Soldiers Life...Prison Stories.pdf
Siege and Capture of Fort Pulaski - Interesting Manuvers About the Key to the City of Savannah.pdf
Siege of Charleston – Skillful strategy; Gallant fighting; Magnificent engineering.pdf
Siege of Chattanooga - Occupation of Lookout Valley.pdf
Siege of Corinth - Halleck's Snail-like Approach to the Rebel Stronghold.pdf
Siege of Knoxville - A Bit of History of that Campaign Written on the Spot.pdf
Siege of Knoxville - Reminiscences of Burnsides East Tennessee Campaign.pdf
Siege of Sumter - Quincy Adams Gilmore and His Brilliant Career.pdf
Sinking the Alabama - The Kearsarge's Victory over the Rebel Privateer.pdf
Situation at Vicksburg - Rebel force to defend it; Revelations of an eye-witness.pdf
Sixteen Years After - The Battle of Sharpsburg.pdf
Smith’s Guerrillas at Nashville - How Thomas Crushed Hood in a Two Day’s Struggle.pdf
Smith's Vindication - Review of the situation of the Federal Army from Chattanooga to Petersburg.pdf
Soldiering - A few sketches and anecdotes of Army life.pdf
Soldiering on the Plains - A Battle with the Red Skins.pdf
Soldiering on the Plains – Suffering and hardships experienced during the late ‘60s.pdf
Soldiers of the Saddle – Men on horseback proved brave and true.pdf
Some Reminiscences - The 45th Wisconsin’s Experiences in Memphis.pdf
Some Sad Stories – Of starvation and death in Southern Prison Pens.pdf
Somebody's Blunder – Which caused the rout at Chancellorsville.pdf
Sorrowful Stories - experiences in the prison-pens of the south.pdf
Southern Hospitality- Thirteen months in a black hole in Richmond and a few other prisons.pdf
Southern Prison Life - Graphic Sketch of Andersonville from the Pen of an Eyewitness.pdf
Southern Prison-Pens - Experience of an Andersonville Prisoner in  Dixie.pdf
Southern Prison-Pens.pdf
Speech of General Neal Dow - On his returrn from capitivity in a Rebel prison.pdf
Spiked the Rebel Guns – Daring exploit at Island No. 10 vividly described.pdf
Spottsylvania – A story of fierce fighting in the Wilderness.pdf
St Alban's Raid - Full account by an eye-witness.pdf
St. Leger Grenfell - The Master Spirit of the Plot to Burn Chicago.pdf
St. Louis in 1861-65 – Life in a border city during the war.pdf
St. Louis to Corinth – The Second Iowa Cavalry in its first campaign.pdf
Stand to the Wheel – Down the Kanawha between lines of blazing carbines.pdf
Stanley's Cavalry - Colonel Minty's Sabre Brigade at Guy's Gap.pdf
Statement of a Richmond Prisoner - Experience of an officer confined for over a year in different southern prisons.pdf
Steedman's Charge at Chickamauga – The 115th Illinois account of the flag incident.pdf
Stone River – A veteran who captured the colors of the 26th Tennessee.pdf
Stoneman’s Raid - The Cavalry Expedition to the Rear of Atlanta.pdf
Stonewall Jackson – Firm stand of the Virginians at Manassas under this intrepid leader.pdf
Stonewall Jackson's Death - Actual details known to only a few persons.pdf
Stories of Quantrill - How the noted outlaw began his career of crime and where it ended.pdf
Stories of Sherman - Unpublished incidents of the War.pdf
Stories of the Regiments – The 2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery.pdf
Stories of the War – Reminiscences of events that are dear to the rank and file.pdf
Story of 1000 Irishmen - By Captain M.H. Macnamara, 9th Massachusetts.pdf
Story of a Cannoneer - Reminiscences of a detached volunteer in a regular battery.pdf
Strategy and Tactics – Events leading to and constituting the Battle of Gettysburg.pdf
Streight's Georgia Raid – Capture, imprisonment, and escape.pdf
Striving for Liberty - The Story of Five Soldiers Who Escaped from Meridian Bull-Pen.pdf
Struggling for Supremacy - Some Operations in East Tennessee in 1863.pdf
Sturgis' Defeat - Details of march and battle from an eye-witness.pdf
Sully's Sioux Campaign - Journal of a Member of Brackett's Battalion, Minnesota Cavalry.pdf
Sultana Disaster - A Survivor tells of a Terrible Experience and His Escape.pdf
Sultana Explosion – Nearly eighteen hundred souls hurled into eternity.pdf
Sumner at Fair Oaks – The grand old soldier and his superb Second Corps.pdf
Sunday at Shiloh - The “Surprise” of Grant’s Troops on That April Morning.pdf
Supreme Soldiership - The Great Charge of Opdycke's Brigade at Franklin.pdf
Surprise at Shiloh – Hovey replies to Veatch vindicating the truth of history.pdf
Surrender of Fort Sumter - Major Anderson capitulates to the Rebels.pdf
Surrender of Fort Sumter - Movements of the Rebels.pdf
Sykes's Regulars - The Chancellorsville Affair from the Memoranda of the Moment.pdf
Sykes's Regulars - The Part they Took in the Gettysburg Campaign.pdf
Taking Charleston - Occupation of the City in the Early Part of 1865.pdf
Tales and Sketches - Narrative of a Union Soldier at City Point, Virginia, November 9, 1864.pdf
That Port Hudson Zouave – His daring attempts to escape; Success at last, only to meet his death.pdf
That Skirmish in Berryville – Mosby swoops down on the wagon train, fires the wagons, captures, kills, and drives off the horses and mules.pdf
The 12th Indiana – One year of campaigning in the Shenandoah and around Washington.pdf
The 161st New York – Long service in the Gulf Coast Country.pdf
The 17th Indiana - The part it took in the famous Wilson Raid.pdf
The 19th Maine - Criticism of General Sickles.pdf
The 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery – The part taken in the final assault upon Petersburg.pdf
The 22nd Ohio – A regiment which did a long and gallant service.pdf
The 33rd Mass. at Chancellorsville – Barlow’s Brigade on a reconnaissance when the Eleventh Corps was struck.pdf
The 3rd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry – Gruesome time exploring the Mammoth Cave; The penalty of straggling; On to Nashville.pdf
The 41st Illinois at Shiloh – Pugh’s Brigade held the left of the line with desperate tenacity; Timely arrival of McArthurs’s Brigade.pdf
The 68th Illinois – President Lincoln’s Pet Regiment.pdf
The 71st Ohio at Shiloh – Great injustice done gallant men by the reports of high officers and correspondents.pdf
The 72nd Pennsylvania - The trying march from Falmouth to Gettysburg.pdf
The 79th New York - Reminiscences of the doings of the gallant highlanders.pdf
The 7th Ohio - Reminiscences of a Private who was there to the end.pdf
The 89th Ohio – General Turchin tells how it was captured at Chickamauga.pdf
The 8th New Jersey – How it faced the music at the Battle of Williamsburg.pdf
The 8th Tennessee – A gallant regiment with long list of achievements to its credit.pdf
The 95th New York - Sketch of Its Gallant Service in the Campaigns of 1862.pdf
The 9th Ohio at Chickamauga – Their gallant charge which recaptured a battery.pdf
The Action at Lookout Mountain - Brilliant affair of the Eleventh Corps, October 28, 1863.pdf
The Adventures of a Conscript - Involuntary Service with the 58th North Carolina.pdf
The Affair at Farmington - Live Eagle Brigade in One of the Minor Engagements.pdf
The Affair at Harrisonburg - Part Played by the Bucktails.pdf
The Affair at Port Republic – A detachment of the 66th Ohio cut off and captured by Jackson’s forces.pdf
The Affair off Charleston - From the Flag Ship Wabash, Port Royal Harbor, Feb 2, 1863.pdf
The American Private Soldier - A tribute to some boy heroes of the Civil War.pdf
The Andersonville Prisoners - Interesting interview with two escaped prisoners.pdf
The Arkansas at Vicksburg - She runs the blockade; Grand stampede of rams and steamboats.pdf
The Army Corps - How organized and Commanded.pdf
The Army Mail - Something About This Important Service in the War.pdf
The Army Mule - The part he played in the rebellion.pdf
The Army of the Ohio - Marching, Manuvering and Fighting from Pulaski to Nashville.pdf
The Army of the Ohio - Two Confederate Cavalry Raids and What they Accomplished.pdf
The Army of the Tennessee - Went Through to the Close of the War without Defeat.pdf
The Artillery at Stone River – Heroic and effective work of Parson’s Battery; Reports of officers on the part of the Command.pdf
The Atlanta Campaign - An Engaging Narrative of a Great Campaign.pdf
The Atlanta Campaign – Extracts from a diary; Killing of General Polk; Death of Captain Simonson.pdf
The Atlanta Campaign by John McElroy.pdf
The Attack on Charleston – An account of the opening attack.pdf
The Attack on Charleston - Details of Monday's Fight.pdf
The Attack on Lee's Mills – Across the river, into the rifle pits.pdf
The Battle Above the Clouds – Ordered to make a demonstration, General Geary bridges Lookout Creek and assails the heights.pdf
The Battle at Atlanta - Accounts of the repulse of the Rebels by an eye-witness.pdf
The Battle at Nashville - Heavy fighting at Franklin; hood attacks Schofield's entrenchmments.pdf
The Battle at Rich Mountain - Account by an an eye-witness.pdf
The Battle near Leesburg - Details from the intelligent testimony of an eye-witness.pdf
The Battle of Atlanta - The Fierce and Bloody Struggle of July 22, 1864.pdf
The Battle of Bull Run - Witnessed from Poole's Hill in the rear of the Confederates.pdf
The Battle of Corinth - One of the Greatest Victories of the Union.pdf
The Battle of Fort Donelson - Full account by an eye-witness.pdf
The Battle of Franklin – Major Coulter’s account of the battle criticised.pdf
The Battle of Gettysburg – An account of the Last Day’s Fight by General E.P. Alexander, C.S.A.pdf
The Battle of Gettysburg – Magnificent stand of the First Corps.pdf
The Battle of Guntown – Defeat of an expedition through Mississippi.pdf
The Battle of Leesburg Heights - Captain F.G. Young details the battle and defeat of Leesburg.pdf
The Battle of Memphis - An officer of the Ram Fleet relates his experiences.pdf
The Battle of Milliken's Bend – The troops were fierce with the bayonet.pdf
The Battle of Monocacy- Holding at Bay Early and His Raiders.pdf
The Battle of Perryville – A campaign of mistaken maneuvers ends in a bloody little battle.pdf
The Battle of Plain's Store – The conduct of the 48th Massachusetts under an unexpected assault.pdf
The Battle of Poison Spring - The Hotly Contested Field in Southern Arkansas.pdf
The Battle of Rich Mountain - Account by an eye-witness.pdf
The Battle of Shiloh - General James C. Veatch Replies to General Hovey.pdf
The Battle of Shiloh - The Brilliant Services of the Fighting Fourth Division.pdf
The Battle of Shiloh - The Great Fight Between the Two Armies of the Tennessee.pdf
The Battle of Shiloh by T.W. Holman.pdf
The Battle of Stone Ridge - Written by an eye-witness, Manassas Junction, July 22, 1861.pdf
The Battle of Thompson's Hill - Bravery of the Mercantile battery.pdf
The Battle-Month - The Bloody May of Eighteen Hundred and Sixty Four.pdf
The Battle's Lesson – General Black’s eloquent address on the Field of Gettysburg.pdf
The Battles of Chickamauga - Desperate and bloody engagement detailed by an eye-witness.pdf
The Battles on the Peninsula - Report by an eye-witness, Camp at Harrison's Bar on the James River, July 4th, 1862.pdf
The Blockade at Charleston - Arrival of the iron steamer Princess Royal.pdf
The Bluejackets - Part taken by the naval forces in defense of Washington during the Civil War.pdf
The Bombardment of Fort Fisher - The Federal Armada's fierce but unsuccessful attack.pdf
The Bombardment of Fort Sumter - Incidents of the Fight.pdf
The Bombardment of Fort Sumter - The First Day's Fight.pdf
The Border War - Narrative by H.E. Palmer, late Captain, Company A, 11th Kansas Cavalry.pdf
The Boy who saved Corinth - by S.B. Boynton.pdf
The Bridge Burners – Expedition to burn the railroad bridges in East Tennessee.pdf
The Bright Side of Libby – Incidents and humors of prison life.pdf
The Bucktail Rifles – Where the rebel General Ashby fell.pdf
The Bucktails - Magnificent Fighting by Kane's Trained Skirmishers.pdf
The Bull Run Battle - Notes taken from the battlefield.pdf
The Bull Run Campaign - John McElroy’s Exciting Narrative of a Signature Campaign of the Civil War.pdf
The Burning of Chambersburg - Full particulars by an eye-witness, the desolate appearance of the town.pdf
The Burning of Colombia - Letter fron Alfred Huger.pdf
The Burnside Expedition – Roanoke Island in possession of Union Forces; Rebel Fleet completely destroyed; Elizabeth City attacked.pdf
The Camden Expedition – A narrative of the advance of General Steele in the Spring of 1864.pdf
The Campaign in Northern Virginia - General Lee advances against the army of General Meade.pdf
The Campaign in Virginia - From our Army in Western Virginia, September 4, 1861.pdf
The Campaign on the Potomac - Late cavalry fight near Aldie.pdf
The Cannoneer - Praise and Criticism of the Gunner.pdf
The Capture of Fort Fisher - A graphic description of this great achievement by the land and naval forces of the United States.pdf
The Capture of Forts Wagner and Gregg - The attack upon Fort Moultrie.pdf
The Capture of New Orleans - Evacuation by the Rebels; Farragut's official report.pdf
The Capture of Shy's Hill – McMillan’s Brigade at the Battle of Nashville.pdf
The Carter Raid – An expedition into East Tennessee and the destruction of the Virginia Railroad.pdf
The Cavalry Bureau – The methods of its working in the Western Armies.pdf
The Cavalry Division of the Army of the James - Its Organization and first experiences around Petersburg, by General A.V. Kautz.pdf
The Centralia Massacre - From an eye-witness, a gentleman from Indiiana, we learn the hoorrible details.pdf
The Centralia Slaughter - An eye-witness details the capture of a railroad train by guerillas under Bill Anderson.pdf
The Chicago Conspiracy - A plot to overthrow the Union.pdf
The Close of Chickamauga – What regiment fired the mysterious volley which ended the battle.pdf
The Columbus. Kentucky Tragedy - A terrible fight with a maniac.pdf
The Company Blacksmith - The man who stands behind the man who stands behind the gun.pdf
The Correct History of the Affair in Charleston Harbor - Rebel gunboats driven back by our gunboats.pdf
The Crater – Awful fight in the exploded mine before Petersburg.pdf
The Crossing of the River – Story of Morgan’s invading march through Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.pdf
The Dayton Riot - Statement of an eye-witness.pdf
The Destruction of Columbia, South Carolina - Letter from General Wade Hampton.pdf
The Dying Cavalryman – A reminiscence of President Lincoln; Receipt of news of assassination at City Point.pdf
The Eleventh Corps – And the defeat it met at Chancellorsville.pdf
The Evacuation of Richmond - Detail of an eye-witness; The day and night of desolation.pdf
The Fall of Richmond - How Grant Stretched His Lines to Surround the Rebel Stronghold.pdf
The Fall of Richmond - Personal Recollections of the Triumphal Entry of Union Troops into the Rebel Capital.pdf
The Fight at Baltimore - Particulars of the fight between citizens of Baltimore and the Massachusetts Volunteers.pdf
The Fight at Briton's Lane - One of the Smaller but Severe Engagements of the War.pdf
The Fight at Chuckatuck – A disastrous expedition into the enemy’s country.pdf
The Fight at Olustee - Classed with the Big Bethel Affair of General Butler.pdf
The Fight at Port Royal – Seven vessels pass the batteries; Confederate forces concentrating.pdf
The Fight at Raymond, Mississippi - Occupation of Jackson and incedents.pdf
The Fight between the Monitor and Merrimac – One of the crew of the rebel steamer gives a description of the second day’s fight.pdf
The Fight for Chattanooga – Two years of intense effort to gain it.pdf
The Fight in Doubtful Canon - Work for Blue Coats in the Far West During the War.pdf
The Fight on the Kanawha - Full account by an eye-witness.pdf
The Fight with the Albemarle – One of the most unusual and remarkable naval conflicts of this or any other war.pdf
The Fighting McCooks – The most noted family of soldiers in the War of the Rebellion.pdf
The Fighting near Boonville - Movement of state troops; McCulloch advancing.pdf
The First Clash of Naval Ironclads – An eye-witness talks of the Merrimac-Monitor fight during the Civil War.pdf
The First Corps - Its Important Services at the Battle of Gettysburg.pdf
The First Day at Gettysburg - A Tribute to John Fulton Reynolds.pdf
The First Flag at Columbia – One of those who placed the 13th Iowa flag on the Capitol Building tells of the excitement.pdf
The First Ironclads – Prototypes of armored war vessels in ancient times.pdf
The First Minnesota at Gettysburg – Behavior of a brilliant regiment on a desperate field.pdf
The First Signal Message – It was sent at Bull Run by General E.P. Alexander, C.S.A.pdf
The Flag of the 26th Tennessee – It was captured by a brave boy of the 78th Pennsylvania.pdf
The Forecastle - What our naval heroes have to say about their service.pdf
The Fort Donelson Fight – The first shot fired at the 41st Illinois.pdf
The Fort Pillow Massacre - Official report of Messrs. Wade and Gooch; shocking details.pdf
The Fort Pillow Massacre - Reports of rebel barbarity; Graphic statements of eye-witnesses.pdf
The Fort Pillow Massacre - Statement of an eye-witness.pdf
The Fort Pillow Massacre - Testimony from the Committee on the Conduct of the War.pdf
The Fourth Corps - Its Brilliant Operations at the Battle of Nashville.pdf
The Fredericksburg Battle - Gallantry of our troops; fiercest fighting of the war.pdf
The Gatling Gun – At Garnett’s, June 27th and 28th, 1862.pdf
The Glorious Second Corps – A West Virginia boy’s experiences in the field and in prison.pdf
The Great Battle at Manassas - Highly interesting narratives; Gallant conduct of officers and men; scenes and incidents.pdf
The Great Blockade - Closing of Southern Ports During the War.pdf
The Great Captain – General Dent gives some personal recollections of Grant.pdf
The Great Copperhead Conspiracy - Gigantic Plot to Establish a Northwestern Confederacy and Recognize Southern Independence.pdf
The Great Fight at Charleston - Full and graphic description by an eye-witness.pdf
The Great Morgan Raid - The True Story of the Capture of the Terror of Three States.pdf
The Great Naval Battle – The fullest and best description of the great naval fight in Hampton Roads.pdf
The Great Naval Engagement – The Ericsson Iron-Clad Steam Battery, The Monitor.pdf
The Great Naval Fight - How the Monitor Baffled the Merrimac.pdf
The Great Rebellioin - Record of Operations.pdf
The Great Rebellion - Victory of the Fleet; two forts captured.pdf
The Grierson Raid - The Story of a Daring and Perilous Expedition.pdf
The Guntown Affair – The other side.pdf
The Guntown Trip - One of the Disastrous Blunders of the War.pdf
The Hardships of Prison Life – Conditions in two of the notorious prisons in the South during the war.pdf
The Harriet Lane Engagement – Norfolk strengthened by Secession Troops.pdf
The Heavy Dragoons - The President's order that all officers must be horsemen.pdf
The Heroic Cushing - An old veteran's thrilling story of the fight at Gettysburg.pdf
The Horrors of Andersonville - Andrew J. Williams of Company HY, 183rd Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers tale of cruelty.pdf
The Horrors of Libby Prison - Narrative by George H. Hammer, chaplain of the 12th Pennsylvania Cavalry.pdf
The Hunter Raid Upon Lynchburg – Terrible suffering on the march.pdf
The Inferno in the Cedars – An awful hour for the crushed right at Stone River.pdf
The Invasion - Great Battle at Gettysburg, Raftsmans Journal, July 8, 1863.pdf
The Invasion of the North - Reported capture of the ship Isaac Webb.pdf
The Iowa Brigade on Shiloh’s Field – Their unflinching position and its effect on the result.pdf
The Iron Brigade at Chickamauga – The terrific fight on Sunday afternoon for Snodgrass Ridge.pdf
The Iron Grays - Sturdy workers in metal who proved their grit and steadfastness in the field of strife.pdf
The Kearsarge and the Alabama - An eye-witness gives a graphic description.pdf
The Lake Erie Plot - Rebel sympathizers conspire to liberate prisoners from Johnson's Island.pdf
The Last Campaign - A Veteran’s Experience in Texas With Weitzel’s Twenty-fifth Corps.pdf
The Last Campaign – From Hatcher’s Run to Appomattox with the White Diamonds.pdf
The Last Cruise of the Monitor – First person narrative of the wild night when the Monitor went down.pdf
The Last Engagement – With the retiring enemy from the vicinity of Petersburg, April 3, 1864.pdf
The Last Fight - True story of the affair told by a survivor.pdf
The Last Privateer – A narrative of service aboard the Confederate States’ Cruiser Shenandoah.pdf
The Last Raid of Morgan's Men - The Union Victory at Cynthiana, Kentucky, June 12, 1864.pdf
The Last Roll Call – And the story it told of the fate of Company G.pdf
The Last Signal Message - Flashing the magic word peace.pdf
The Late engagement near Bull Run - Particulars of the storming of the batteries by an eye-witness.pdf
The Late Federal nRaid into Mississippi - A well authenticated account.pdf
The Late New Orleans Riot - Review and incidents by an eye-witness.pdf
The Left Wing at Fair Oaks - Keyes's and Heintzelman's Corps in that Dread Battle.pdf
The Libby Prison Tunnel - Shrewd Planning and Patient Labor Rewarded With Success.pdf
The Lincolnite - Steadfast Loyalty of East Tennesseans Under Terrible Rebel Prosecutions.pdf
The Loss of the Sultana - Personal Experiences of a Survivor of that Disaster.pdf
The Lost Brigade - Experiences of Croxton’s command in Northern Alabama.pdf
The Lost Detachment - Perilous Situation of Union Soldiers in the Enemy's Country.pdf
The Lynchburg Raid - Movements of the Army of West Virginia in May and June, 1864.pdf
The Lynchburg Raid - The Advance Up the Valley and the Fight at New Market.pdf
The Man on Horseback - Some legacies of our Civil War.pdf
The March to the Sea - Kilpatrick's Cavalry on the March through Georgia, by J. B. Kilbourne.pdf
The Marching, Fighting 8th Vermont – Fighting under Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley.pdf
The Massacre at Centralia - Work of Guerillas That Has Seldom Been Outdone.pdf
The Massacre of Lawrence - Scenes and incidents as seen by an eye-witness.pdf
The Men Who Made Music - How the 24th Michigan Band went through the War.pdf
The Merrimac - Her history and armament.pdf
The Mill Springs Battle - Full account by an eye-witness.pdf
The Mining of Libby Prison - The Rebel plot to blow up the prison.pdf
The Mississippi Marine Brigade - Leaves from a Boy's Diary of Company D, Cavalry Battalion.pdf
The Mobile Bay Forts – The finishing strokes to the Great Rebellion.pdf
The Monitor - The Maiden Cruise.pdf
The Monitor and Merrimac – The Naval contest which reconstructed the Navies of the World and retired Wooden Warships.pdf
The Monitor and Merrimac - Written by an eye-witness..pdf
The Naval Fight at Charleston - How the Rebels were hoodwinked.pdf
The New Blockade - Port of Savannah; position of Tybee Island; fleet operations.pdf
The New Ironsides - Blockade of Charleston and bombardment of the forts.pdf
The New Orleans Horror - Graphic account by an eye-witness; sickening details of cruelty.pdf
The New Orleans Massacre - Full account by an eye-witness.pdf
The New Orleans Massacre - Full particulars by a local doctor who witnessed the tragedy.pdf
The New Orleans Massacre - Report of the horrible massacre taken from an eye-witness.pdf
The New York Riots of Monday - Scenes detailed by an eye-witness.pdf
The Night Attack – A reminiscence of an exciting march and surprise of a Camp on the Swift Water.pdf
The Ninth Corps - A Magnificent body of Soldiers who fought valiantly.pdf
The Ninth Corps at Antietam – Antietam Creek a very serious obstacle.pdf
The Ninth Indiana - Sketch of the Services of a Gallant Western Regiment.pdf
The Old Capitol Prison - A remarkable and varied history.pdf
The Old Rear-Guard – A Yankee Officer sleeps in the Camp with Morgan’s Men.pdf
The Paymaster's Train – Mosby’s Guerillas were driven off after a hard fight.pdf
The Peninsular Campaign - A Narrative by John Mcelroy.pdf
The Peninsular Campaign in Virginia, March-July, 1861 - Account by The Prince De Joinville-1.pdf
The Persimmon Brigade – An account of Service from the Diary of an Officer,.pdf
The Pittsburg Battle - Interesting details from eye-witnesses.pdf
The Plans of the Rebels - A change in tactics necessary; fears of the coast defenses.pdf
The Plot against Johnson's Island - A Secession; Canadian explanation of the conspiracy.pdf
The Port Republic Bridge – Reminiscences and recollections of a Scout in Shield’s Division.pdf
The Priison Pen at Florence - How our soldiers lived.pdf
The Prisoners in Fort Delaware - News of the exchange of priosners received.pdf
The Pursuit of Lee – The Army of the Potomac’s March from Gettysburg to the Rapidan.pdf
The Quaker Scout - Life in the Old Dominion Before and During the War.pdf
The Queen of the West – Some warm times aboard the ram in her memorable cruise in Western Waters.pdf
The Raid of Colonel Streight - Where he went and the place of his capture.pdf
The Rebel Massacre at Fort Pillow - Most inhuman butchery the world ever saw; eye-witnesses detail the horrid scenes.pdf
The Rebel Ram Albemarle – Experiences of the engineer who accompanied Lieutenant Cushing.pdf
The Rebel Ram Atlanta - Most brilliant victory of the war; full details of the engagemment.pdf
The Rebel Riot at New Orleans - An eye-witness details the inhuman atrocities.pdf
The Record - Of the Fighting Done by the Army of the Potomac.pdf
The Record of a Live Regiment – Some things the 54th Pennsylvania saw and did in the War of the Rebellion.pdf
The Red River Battles - Three days fighting, terrible slaughter on both sides, fuul account by an eye-witness.pdf
The Red River Battles - Three Days Fighting; Full and authentic account by an eye-witness.pdf
The Red River Campaign – A disastrous expedition and those responsible for the attempt and failure.pdf
The Red River Campaign – Interesting episodes of that expedition.pdf
The Red River Campaign – The skirmishes and fights around Pleasant Hill; The blockade on the road; The defeat and capture.pdf
The Red River Expedition – Miscarriage of a gigantic raid to furnish English manufacturers with cotton.pdf
The Red River Fleet - Official account of Rebel attacks upon it and the blowing up of the Eastport.pdf
The Regular Engineers – A fine description of the operations around Bristoe Station.pdf
The Regulars - Stanch Loyalty of the Rank and File in 1861.pdf
The Reserves at Fredericksburg – Superb gallantry of Meade’s Pennsylvanians.pdf
The Retrograde Movement of the Army - Interesting history of the affair; details of the fighting.pdf
The Richmond Prisoners - Statement of the Union Surgeons just released from Libby Prison.pdf
The Richmond Prisons - Life and Death of Federal Soldiers in Castle Thunder, Castle Lightning, and Libby Prison.pdf
The Richmond Prisons - Yankee journals claim starvation and cruel treatment of prisoners.pdf
The River Flotilla - Experiences on Board the Indianola and the Chillicothe.pdf
The Saber Brigade - Incidents in the History of Minty's Cavalry of the Army of the Cumberland.pdf
The Sanders Raid - A Brilliant Cavalry Exploit in East Tennessee.pdf
The Scene of Operations - Charleston's defenses; Plan of the harbor; reports.pdf
The Second Battle of Manassas - Description of the engagement; Strategy of Lee; Rout of the enemy.pdf
The Second Bull Run – Unions and Confederates revisiting the storied soil.pdf
The Second Corps – How grandly it met the shock at Gettysburg.pdf
The Second Minnesota – Reminiscences of Four years’ Service at the front.pdf
The Secret Service - Work of the Pinkerton Detectives During the War.pdf
The Seventeenth Corps - The 25th Indianas share in the Atlanta campaign.pdf
The Shiloh Campaign - A glance at the situation of both armies.pdf
The Siege of Corinth - General Halleck's Tedious Campaign of Masterly Inactivity.pdf
The Siege of Fort Sumter – The events of Friday as described by the Charleston newspapers.pdf
The Siege of Petersburg - Two Failures to Capture the Cockade City.pdf
The Siege of Suffolk – An 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry boy tells of the Siege of Suffolk, where Longstreet held them for 21 days.pdf
The Signal Corps - Union officers reading Confederate signals, by C.H. Fish.pdf
The Sixth Corps – Personal reminiscences of General Wright.pdf
The Sixth Maine – Its superb gallantry at Rappahannock Station.pdf
The Slaughter at the Sunken Road – The Battle of Antietam as seen from inside the Confederate Lines.pdf
The Slaves at Columbus - Treatment of Rebel prisoners at Camp Chase.pdf
The Sons of Liberty - Plot to establish a Northwestern Confederacy.pdf
The Sounds of North Carolina - Scenes of Some Brilliant Engagements in the Civil War.pdf
The Spy of the Rebellion - by Allan Pinkerton.pdf
The Steele's Bayou Expedition - Features of the movement and plan of operations.pdf
The Stoneman Raid – Extracts from a long-forgotten diary.pdf
The Stonewall – Origin and career of the celebrated rebel ironclad.pdf
The Story of a Battle - First battle of Bull Run.pdf
The Story of a Fighting Regiment - The 7th Ohio Cavalry and its Service for the Union.pdf
The Story of a Scout – Thrilling adventures of Levi H. Naron.pdf
The Story of a Soldier who Died a Prisoner of War - by Washington B. Pulis, 58 Illinois.pdf
The story of a Southern Actor - Life in Castle Thunder.pdf
The Story of Shiloh – How the 21st Missouri fought; Some new phases of the battle.pdf
The Struggle at Champion's Hill - A Terrible Day Which Cost the Confederacy Vicksburg.pdf
The Surrender - Full details of the great event from an eye-witness; interview between Grant and Lee.pdf
The Surrender of Holly Springs - The facts as seen by an eye-witness.pdf
The Surrender of Island No. 10 - Another Federal success in this epoch of the war.pdf
The Swamp Angel – The Gun which created consternation in Charleston.pdf
The Tacony Burned - Her officers and crew taken prisoners.pdf
The Third battle before Atlanta - From Sherman's Army two miles east of Atlanta.pdf
The Third Corps - Its Service the Last Ten Days of the Closing Campaign.pdf
The Third New Hampshire - History of a Gallant Regiment's Four Years' Service at the Front.pdf
The Tocsin of War - Response in every village by crude volunteers.pdf
The Tragedy of Lawrence - A letter from a citizen and eye-witness.pdf
The Train Mosby Caught – Driving the train from Washington with Green Drivers and Stubborn Mules.pdf
The treatment of our prisoners at the North - Report of the Confederate Congress .pdf
The Trent Affair - Seizure of the Rebel Envoys to England and France.pdf
The Truth at Last - Discovery of general Grants order removing General Thomas.pdf
The Twentieth Corps – A splendid body of troops which swung clear around the circle.pdf
The Twenty-Third Corps – Something as to its share in the Siege of Atlanta.pdf
The Twins of Company G - With Co. G 76th Pennsylvania.pdf
The Two Sides of the Prison Question - What was done under the shadow of authority.pdf
The USS Brooklyn - The Companion Vessel to Farragut's Flagship.pdf
The USS Kearsarge - A Brief History of the Career of this Famous Little Ship.pdf
The Victory at Murfreesboro - Rebels retreat to Tullahoma; new scene of operations.pdf
The Wanderers - Confederate Flag and Grave on Navigator Islands.pdf
The Wandering Regiment - Experiences of the 8th Michigan, always fiighting or marching.pdf
The War as it Was - Touching picture of the life of a private soldier.pdf
The War by Telegraph - Description of the Attack on Fort Sumter.pdf
The War Commenced - Official Dispatches to Richmond concerning the Bombardment of Fort Sumter.pdf
The War Commenced - Telegraph dispatches about Fort Sumter and beginning of hostilities.pdf
The War in Kentucky - How the Battle of Mill Springs was Fought and Won.pdf
The War in Missouri – General Elliott’s recollections of the First year of the Struggle.pdf
The War in the West - View of the Political Situation in Kentucky.pdf
The War in Virginia - Dispatches received from Richmond.pdf
The War News - The Invasion of Pennsylvania, desperate battles near Gettysburg.pdf
The Way I Met John Morgan's Men - An Unpleasant Interview that Necessitated a Search for Safety.pdf
The Wild Cat Fight – Zollicoffer defeated in his attempt to invade Kentucky.pdf
The Wild Cats – Some random sketches of the 105th Pennsylvania.pdf
The Wilderness Campaign by John McElroy.pdf
The Wilmington Blockade - Night attack by the Rebel Ironclad North Carolina.pdf
The Wilson Raid - Crossing Raging Rivers and Plunging Through the Mud.pdf
The Wilson Raid - Personal Recollections of a 5th New York Cavalryman.pdf
The Winchester Battle - 1000 Rebels killed and wounded; full particulars.pdf
The Winter Campaign in Georgia - Sherman's successful march through the state.pdf
Thick of the Fight - Some tragic scenes at the Battle of Dallas, Georgia.pdf
Third Corps Line at Gettysburg - A presentment of the Sickles-Meade controversy.pdf
Thirty Days with the Militia - Well Drilled, Fully Equipped and Ready for War.pdf
Thirty Years Ago - Scenes and Events of Active Campaigning.pdf
Thompson's Station - Splendid fighting against overwhelming forces.pdf
Three Days' Fighting - One of Stannard's Men Tells of His First and Last Battle.pdf
Three months in the Southern Confederacy - Experience of Colonel Fremantle of the British Army.pdf
Three Months in Virginia - Campaigns of a 3 months regiment under Lincoln's call for volunteers.pdf
Three November Days – First Day - What Benjamin F. Taylor saw in 1863.pdf
Three November Days – Second Day - Lookout Mountain .pdf
Three November Days – Third Day - Mission Ridge.pdf
Thrice Distinguished - Who Opened the Fight in the Wilderness.pdf
Through many Dangers and Hardships - Thrilling story of a successful escape from prison.pdf
Through the Muscle Shoals - The Thrilling Escape of Two Illinois Boys From Guerillas.pdf
Through the Wilderness to Richmond – The Cavalry of the Army of the Potomac marching toward Richmond in 1864.pdf
Thru the Rebel Lines – Getting a message to General Banks from the Secretary of War after the Second Battle of Bull run.pdf
To Do or Die – Intrepid charge on Fort Gilmer by a detachment of the 7th U.S.C.T.pdf
To Nashville from the Tennessee - The Story of Hood's Advance in the Fall of 1864.pdf
Told by Survivors - Stories of prison life and escapes.pdf
Too Many for Them - How nine Quartermasters saved a whole division.pdf
Torn Battle Flags – Wrecks and relics of the War.pdf
Torpedo Boats of the Rebellion – Attack on the New Ironsides and the sinking of the Housatonic.pdf
Total Destruction of the US Iron-Clad Frigate New Ironsides - An eye-witness details the burning of this magnificient ship.pdf
Treatment of Confederate Prisoners at Johnson's Island - A Report from Colonel B.H. Jones.pdf
Trevilian Station – The most stubborn cavalry fight of the war.pdf
Trials of a Non-Veteran – The graphic and moving story of a Brave Soldier.pdf
Trumpeter Fred - Tale of scouting and campaigning in the far west.pdf
Tullahoma Campaign - How the Confederates Surrendered Middle Tennessee Without a Fight.pdf
Tullahoma Campaign - March of Mitchell's Cavalry from Triune to Decherd.pdf
Tullahoma Campaign - Occupation of Middle Tennessee and Wilder's Brigade at Hoover's Gap.pdf
Tunneled to Brief Freedom – A successful piece of engineering at Danville.pdf
Turchin's Charge – How a brilliant charge was made at Chickamauga Sunday afternoon.pdf
Twice a Prisoner - A Wisconsin soldiers story.pdf
Twice a Prisoner – The Lieutenant’s escape, and his capture by a woman.pdf
Two Escaped Illinois Soldiers from Libby Prison - Two soldiers of Company F, 13th Illinois Infantry tell their tale.pdf
Two Mighty Armies Racing – Nashville or Louisville their goal, Generals Buell and Bragg maneuver across Tennessee and Kentucky.pdf
Two of a Kind – An amusing incident of Camp Life at Belle Plaine.pdf
Two Years' Men – An appeal for justice to them.pdf
Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Fierce battle on Legree’s Plantation in Louisiana.pdf
Under the Weather - Operations of the Rebel Rams on the James.pdf
Union Victory - The Gettysburg Battles.pdf
Unites States Signal Corps – History of this important branch of the War Department.pdf
Unpublished History – The grounds upon which General Grant took command of the Armies.pdf
Unwritten History – President Lincoln places McClellan in command against the advice of his cabinet.pdf
Unwritten History - The Rout of General Morgan's Forces at Greeneville, Tennessee.pdf
Up Red River - Details of the Most Disastrous Expedition of the War.pdf
Up the Red River - A Shamefully Mis-managed Expedition.pdf
Up the Red River - How the Famous Banks Expedition Came to Grief.pdf
Up the Red River - Two months of hard fighting with victories thrown away.pdf
Up the Shenandoah - Operations of the Army of West Virginia.pdf
USS Hartford – Admiral Farragut’s famous flagship’s remarkable career.pdf
USS San Jacinto - Her Cruise After Blockade Runners and Her Final Wreck.pdf
Van Der Veer's Brigade - Splendid organization of crack regiments.pdf
Vanquishing Vicksburg - Digging the Canal.pdf
Vermont Veterans - The hot fight they had at Savages Station.pdf
Vicksburg Again - Charge of the Storming Party May 22, 1863.pdf
Vicksburg Campaign - Colonel Kinsman killed at the head of his command.pdf
Vicksburg Campaign - Settling down to regular siege operations.pdf
Vicksburg Campaign - The boldest strategy of the war.pdf
Vicksburg Campaign - The brilliant victory gained at Champions Hill.pdf
Vicksburg Campaign - The Gallant but Disastrous Charge of May 22.pdf
Victory in West Louisiana - Full account of the three days fighting.pdf
Virginia's Reply to North Carolina - A masterly analysis of North Carolina's claims to Confederate preeminence.pdf
Visiting War Scenes - Reminiscences of a United States Signal Corps Man.pdf
Voice of the Army - Talking to the soldiers at Atlanta and Vicksburg.pdf
Volunteer Cavalry - The First Cavalry Battle at Kelly's Ford, Virginia.pdf
Waddell Farm – A spirited cavalry argument in Arkansas.pdf
War as a Girl Saw It – A graphic picture of Chambersburg during the invasions of Lee and Ewell into Pennsylvania.pdf
War Begun - The batteries on Sullivan's Island, Morris Island and other points opened fire on Fort Sumter this morning.pdf
War for the Union - Batteries on the coast near Charleston; The Niagara and Huntsville capture two vessels.pdf
War in Virginia - The terrific battles of Friday and Saturday at Bull Run; a full and graphic account.pdf
War Memories of a Chaplain - Place and work of a regimental Chaplain.pdf
War Movements - Detailed Account of the Fight at Aquia Creek.pdf
War Movements - Official Report of the Affair at Sewell's Point.pdf
War News - Great Battle at Gettysburg.pdf
War News - Rebels occupied Chambersburg.pdf
War of the Rebellion - Notes from Dixie -.pdf
War of the Rebellion - Opening the Mississippi.pdf
War Recollections - Some of the Varied Experiences of a Missouri Soldier.pdf
War Reminiscences - Personal Recollections of conspicuous people, civil and military.pdf
War Reminiscences – The humorous side of a hard eight months’ service in the War of the Rebellion.pdf
Warren at Bristoe – How he won his place as permanent corps commander.pdf
War's Brighter Side – Humorous incidents occurring in the battle, on the march, and in the hospital.pdf
War's Mighty Cost - Heavy price paid by both armies for possession of Chattanooga.pdf
Washington in War Time - The National Capital during the Great Struggle.pdf
Washington's Peril - Checking Jubal Early's Northern Raid.pdf
West of the Mississippi - Reminiscences of an Officer of the 10th Illinois Cavalry.pdf
What the Ninth Corps Did - Experiences from Knoxville to Spottsylvania.pdf
Wheaton's Brigade – Its splendid advance at Gettysburg on the afternoon of July 2.pdf
Why Fort Sumter Surrendered- Actions of the Fleet Explained.pdf
Wilder's Brigade - The Mounted Infantry in the Tullahoma-Chickamauga Campaigns.pdf
Wilder's Lightning Brigade - A Soldier's Diary of the Closing Days of the Civil War.pdf
Wilder's Lightning Brigade - Service of the 123rd Illinois Mounted Infantry With this Famous Command.pdf
William C. Quantrill - The name recalls a bloody history.pdf
Wilson Raid - An Expedition to Destroy the Petersburg & Lynchburg and the Richmond & Danville Railroads.pdf
Wilson’s Creek Fight - The Story of the First Battle of the War in Missouri.pdf
Wilson’s Raid – The last general engagement of the Rebellion.pdf
Wilson's Creek - Missouri saved to the Union by General Lyon.pdf
Wilson's Famous Raid – The march from Gravelly Springs to Macon; The fighting at Selma, Alabama.pdf
Winchester to Appomattox - Service of the Cavalry in the last two months of the war.pdf
With a Fighting Regiment - Story of Four Years' Service of the Gallant 29th Ohio.pdf
With Averell – On his raid to Salem, December, 1863; Privations and hardships of a nine days’ march.pdf
With Canby at Valverde, New Mexico – A fierce little fight in which one company of 60 lost 39 men.pdf
With Pope's Army – How a Michigan Cavalryman took a last glimpse of Earth.pdf
With Sheridan - Spirited defense of the Nineteenth Corps.pdf
With Smith's Guerillas - The Live Eagle Brigade Again to the Fore.pdf
With the Contrabands – The reminiscences of an Army Chaplain’s wife in Alabama.pdf
With the Wagon Train – Reminiscences of the Chattanooga Campaign.pdf
With the Western Army - The First Vicksburg Campaign.pdf
With Wolford's Cavalry - Adventures of a Tennessee Refugee.pdf
Withheld His Troops - Why the Union Army Did Not Win at Antietam.pdf
Withstood The Siege - Story of Colonel George A. Forsyh's Brave Defense at Arickaree Fork.pdf
Wood’s Division - Its Gallant Assault Upon Missionary Ridge.pdf
Wood's Brigade at Resaca – The stubborn fighting of those seasoned veterans prevented a disaster.pdf
Wounded at Fort Donelson – Thrilling experiences of a Union Officer on battlefield and in hospital.pdf
Wreck of the Steamer Governor – Desperate battling with the waves for days.pdf
Yarn of a Trooper - An ambush and what came of it.pdf
Yarns at the Picket Fire - Tales of Adventure by the Boys in Blue.pdf
Yellow Fever - The Great Epidemic at New Berne, North Carolina, in 1864.pdf
Yellow Jackets – An exceedingly hot engagement.pdf

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