How fast do you ship an order?

  • It is extremely rare for an order to take more than 24 hours to process and ship. When that does happen, it is usually because we need to contact the buyer for more information about their order.

Why do some collections contain more books or articles than others?

  • The number of books, articles, newspapers, etc. in a collection has no relation to the quality of that collection compared to another. For example, the Shiloh collection has 130 books in PDF format compared to War on the Mississippi which has over 350. The difference is about what was available in the public domain when compiling each collection.

Why canít I click on sample images and view them larger?

  • We purposely put up large sample images so you donít have to click, look at an image, and then come back to the page you were looking at. This website was designed to showcase our products without our visitors having to click all over the place just to find what they want.

Where do you get all the information used to create the various collections?

  • We use public domain archives from all over the internet and also travel to many libraries to access their public domain archives that are not available on the internet. Building the collections is more than merely downloading the needed documents. All the images (photographs, maps, drawings, sheet music and artwork) are processed through Photoshop with noise reduction software to give you 300 dpi publication quality images. The PDF books in the collections are manually paginated so each table of contents and page numbers match. This method allows us to detect any missing pages and download another copy of a book, if available, to replace missing or bad page scans. This happens more frequently than we would like.

Who buys your Digital History Collections?

  • Apart from libraries,  museums, universities, roundtables, re-eanctor groups and historical societies, our typical customers are writers, historians and anyone looking for the most comprehensive Civil War History collections available anywhere.

Why are some Digital History Collections available only on flash drive?

  • Some collections are so large that burning them to DVD discs is not practical. These large collections could be pared down to fit on discs but that would require that some information be left out. We would rather supply our customers with the maximum content possible.

How can I see what is in a collection?

  • Each product has a page with a description and samples from that collection. Collection guides and photo/map/artwork galleries are available for viewing in browser or downloading on the product pages.



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