The Civil War Maps of  Robert Knox Sneden. Throughout the Civil War, Private Robert Knox Sneden, an American landscape painter, worked as a Union Army cartographer on the staff Major Genl. Samuel P. Heintzelman’s III Corps. He witnessed most of the battles of the Army of the Potomac and created maps from observing the action and interviewing participants. When later captured, he witnessed and sketched conditions in Richmond’s Libby Prison and the Confederacy’s most infamous prison at Andersonville, Georgia. He also saw much of the South, having been released in Charleston, South Carolina. Throughout the war, Sneden made 316 brightly colored sketches, many in watercolor. Every sketch is now available on a new 4gb USB in downloadable jpeg format in 300 dpi high resolution.  The flash drive contains three folders: Maps, Map Gallery, and Map List. The Map Gallery folder contains a pdf file with smaller, low resolution versions of the maps. The Map List and the Map Gallery are there to facilitate the user in locating the high resolution map(s) they want to review or use. 

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The Civil War Maps of  Robert Knox Sneden on 4gb USB 19.95

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Map of Andersonville Prison.

Map of Battle of Dranesville, 1861.

Map of Battle of Chancellorsville.

Map of McClellan’s Maryland Campaign.

Plan of Battle of Hanover Courthouse.

Map of Battle of Shiloh or Pittsburg Landing.

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