Brass Band Journal

Annie May
Ellen Bayne
Far Away
Farewell, My Lilly Dear
Hail Columbia
Jewel Waltz
Lilly Bell Quick Step
Lilly Lee
Maggie By My Side
Marseilles Hymn
Massa's In the Cold Ground
Mendelsohn's Wedding March
My Old Kentucky Home
Ocean Tide March
Old Dog Tray
Pelham Schottisch
Prima Donna Waltz
Rainbow Schottisch
Signal March
Star Spangled Banner
The Old Log Hut March
Wedding Schottisch
Yankee Doodle

Manchester Cornet Band Books

1st Basso
1st B-Flat Cornet, 2nd sett
1st B-Flat Tenor, 2nd sett
1st Cornet
1st Cornet-b
1st E- Soprano
1st Ebrocono
1st E-flat
1st E-Flat Alto Horn, 2nd set
1st E-flat Cornet, 2nd set
1st Trombone
2nd Basso
2nd Basso, 2nd set
2nd B-Flat Cornet, 2nd set
2nd B-Flat Tenor, 2nd set
2nd Cornet
2nd Ebrocono
2nd E-Flat Alto Horn, 2nd set
2nd E-flat Cornet, 2nd set
2nd Trombone
3rd E-flat
3rd E-Flat Cornet, 2nd set
3rd Trombone
Althorn B-Flat
Band Scraps - containing hand-written conductor's notes
Base Drum and Cymballs, 2nd set
Basso, Edw'd Kendall
B-Flat Basso (Baritone), 2nd set
Clarionetto, 2do, Edw's Kendall
Cornet, Edw'd Kendall
Cornett B-Flat et A-Flat
Cornett Prinzipale E-Flat
E-Flat Bugle Obligato
E-Flat Clarinet 3rd Set
Flauto, 1mo, Edw'd Kendall
Saxhorn I E-Flat
Saxhorn II E-Flat
Saxhorn Solo
Side Drum, 2nd set
Side drums
Solo Alto
Solo Alto Horn, 2nd set
Sub Basso, 2nd set
Trumpet, 2nd set
Valve Trumpet Primo
Violino 1mo
Violino, 2do, Edw'd Kendall

Military Band Music

3rd U.S. Infantry Quickstep
Adjudent's Call
Advance Quickstep
Air from Aanon Jergant
Air from Il Travatore
Air from L'Gladiatori
Air from Rigoletto
Am Rhein, am schönen Rhein
Auld Lang Syne
Brin D'Amour Polka
Comin Thro the Rye
Concert Ouverture
Concert Polka
Daniel Quickstep
Das Einsame Röslein
Das Vaterhaus
Dearest Spot of Earth to Me is Home
Dearest Spot of Earth
Dolores Schottisch
Drinking Song from La Belle Galathea
Each To His Own
Expectation Polka
Farewell Waltz
Franz Joseph March
Frederic March
Front Marsch
God Save the Queen
Good Night, My Angel
Goodnight, My Own Sweet Love
Hail to the Chief
Hail, Columbia
Happy New Year
Hunter's Chorus from The Rose of Erin
Hunter's Polka
I would That My Love
Ich Stand auf Hohen Bergen
Jenny Who Lives in the Dell
La Belle Galathea [ver2]
La Belle Galathea
La Pedriole Quickstep
L'enfant de Troupe Quickstep
Les Dragons de Villars
Les Erhos du Moht Chauvet Polka
L'exile Quickstep
Mabel Waltz
March, Amor
March, Concordia
Marseillaise Hymn
Memories of Home Waltz
O Hills, O Vales of Pleasure
Oh! Cast That Shadow From Thy Brow
Oh! Take Me to Thy Heart Again
Oh! Will She Come
Ouverture to La Belle Galathea
Paula Polka
Polka Mazurka [ver2]
Polka Mazurka
Polka Redowa Amelia
Polka Redowa, Emma
Prince Frederique Karl March
Quickstep, Arizona
Quickstep, Guard Mounting
Quickstep, Pat Malloy
Quickstep, The Grenadiers
Quickstep, Wearing of the Greene
Quickstep, You Naughty, Naughty Men
Quicksteps Les Saroisiens
Quintetta from Romeo and Julietta
Red, White, and Blue
Regimental March
Review Quickstep
Romance from La Belle Helene
Rosalie, the Prarie-Flower
Russischo Hymne
Selection from Faust
Soldier's Bride
Soldier's Prayer
Song Without Words [ver2]
Song Without Words
Souvenier Polka
St.Patrick's Day Irish
Starspangled Banner
Sweet Home
Thady You Gander Irish Medley
The Last Rose of Summer
The Magic Flute
The Moon is Above Us
The Old Oaken Bucket
The Talisman
Thou Art Gone From My Gaze
Tiger Quickstep
Troubaodour Quadrille
Variations Air
Walking Down Broadway
Waltz, Violette
We Meet By Chance
Wearing of the Green
Why, No One to Love
Yankee Doodle

Modern Scores

Captain Finch's Quickstep
Captain Shepherd's Quickstep
Door Latch Quickstep
Free and Easy
General Taylor Storming Monterey
Lilly Bell Quickstep
Moonbeam Waltzes
O' Summer Night from Don Pasquale

Peters Saxhorn Journal

Anvil Chorus, from Trovatore
Charming Waltz
Cradle Schottisch
E Pluribus Unum
Indiana Polka
Leona Waltz
Louisville March
Masonic March
Midnight March
Mountain Belle Schottisch
Nannie Waltz
Sunny Hours
Webster's Funeral March

Port Royal Band Books

1st B-Flat Bass, Baritone
1st B-Flat Cornet
1st B-Flat Tenor
1st E-Flat Cornet - Leader
1st E-Flat Cornet
1st E-Flat Tenor, 1st Althorn
2nd B-Flat Bass, Baritone -Horn part
2nd B-Flat Bass, Baritone
2nd B-Flat Cornet
2nd B-Flat Tenor
2nd E-Flat Cornet -alt copy
2nd E-Flat Cornet
B-flat Clarinet
D-flat Piccolo
E-flat Bass, Tuba - copy
E-flat Bass, Tuba
E-flat tenor
Large Drum
Small Drum
Solo E-flat Cornet
Solo E-Flat Tenor, 1st Althorn

Sheet Music

The Heart Bowd Down
O Summer Night
Old Memories, S. Forster
The Fountain Quickstep
Why, No One to Love

Ah May the Red Rose Live Alway, S. Forster [for piano]

Squire's Centennial Collection of Band Music

1st Tenor
2nd Tenor
Baritone & B'Bass
Bass Drum and Cymb
2nd Tenor&
E Cornet
Snare Drum

Squires Cornet Band Olio no. 10 for Brass or Reed Bands

Squires Cornet Band Olio no. 12 for Brass or Reed Bands

Gulf City Quick Step

12 pieces of Harmony for Military Brass Bands, RK Eaton

Florestan Quick Step

Eaton's Series of National and Pop Songs

Civil War Band Photos


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