Civil War Art - Volume 2. Each of the 200 images was individually restored to deliver the quality you expect. See below for some samples from this collection. Please note that some of these are cropped sections of larger images. All images are in public domain and can be downloaded, copied, republished, printed, framed, or archived for future research. The collection contains some of the very best artwork depicting scenes and sketches in color, washes, and tints from among the best Civil War artists, including Arthur Waud, Walton Taber, Henry A. Ogden, Edwin Forbes, Theodore R. Davis, in addition to many others.

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Artwork Detail: Fort Sumter, December 9th 1863, Interior view of Three Gun Battery.

Artwork Detail: Gen. Robt. E. Lee at Fredericksburg, Dec. 13, 1862.

Artwork Detail: Home Again.

Artwork Detail: Jone's Neck from Gen R.S. Fosters Head Quarters at Deep Bottom.

Artwork Detail: Lashed to the shrouds--Farragut passing the forts at Mobile, in his flagship Hartford.

Artwork Detail: Missionary Ridge, Tenn., Nov 25 1863.

Artwork Detail: Pursuit of Lee's army. Scene on the road near Emmitsburg - marching through the rain.

Artwork Detail: Sketched on battlefield of Wilderness May 6th, 1864, 6 o'clock during Burnsides' charge.

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