Alexander Hamilton Stephens Civil War Papers. The papers of Alexander Hamilton Stephens (1812-1883), lawyer, journalist, governor of Georgia, member of both houses of the United States Congress, and vice president of the Confederate States of America.  The correspondence, mainly letters received, touches on virtually all aspects of Stephens’s private and public life, focusing on the divisive issues leading to the Civil War, the operation of the Confederate government, and postwar problems and issues in the South.

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1861, Mar. 6-31.pdf
1861, Nov. 20-Dec. 27.pdf
1861, Oct. 20-Nov. 19.pdf
1861, Sept. 4-20.pdf
1861, Sept. 21-Oct. 19.pdf
1862, Apr. 30-June 18.pdf
1862, Feb. 2-23.pdf
1862, Feb. 24-Mar. 28.pdf
1862, June 19-Sept. 8.pdf
1862, Mar. 29-Apr. 29.pdf
1862, Sept. 10-1863, Feb. 17.pdf
1863, Feb. 28-July 17.pdf
1863, July 18-Oct. 31.pdf
1863, Nov. 3-1864, Apr. 7.pdf
1864, Apr. 8-Aug. 18.pdf
1864, Aug. 22-1865, May 25.pdf
1865, Dec. 28-1866, May 16.pdf
1865, June 20-Dec. 26.pdf
1866, May 17-Sept. 19.pdf
1867, Dec. 8-1868, June 17.pdf
1867, Jan. 9-May 10.pdf
1867, May 14-Dec. 4.pdf
1868, June 18-Oct. 29.pdf
1868, Nov. 4-Dec. 31.pdf
1869, Aug. 1-Oct. 13.pdf
1869, Jan. 1-Mar. 5.pdf
1869, Mar. 6-May 19.pdf
1869, May 20-July 30.pdf
1869, Oct. 16-Dec. 31.pdf
1860, Dec. 7-1861, Jan. 9.pdf
1860, June 23-Sept. 19.pdf
1860, Mar. 6-June 21.pdf
1860, Sept. 20-Dec. 6.pdf
1861, Apr. 1-27.pdf
1861, Apr. 28-June 5.pdf
1861, Aug. 9-Sept. 3.pdf
1861, Dec. 28-1862, Feb. 1.pdf
1861, Feb. 15-Mar. 5.pdf
1861, Jan. 10-Feb. 14.pdf
1861, July 18-Aug. 8.pdf
1861, June 6-July 17.pdf

Letters from Servants, 1857-1883.pdf

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