William T. Sherman Papers. A strong Unionist, Sherman volunteered for duty in the United States Army in May 1861. Initially appointed colonel of the 13th Infantry Regiment, Sherman led a brigade of inexperienced troops at First Bull Run (First Manassas) before being transferred to the Western theater. After garnering some unflattering publicity in Kentucky, he served under Ulysses S. Grant at Shiloh, where Sherman’s gallant conduct resulted in his promotion to major-general. With this battle and later engagements at Vicksburg and Missionary Ridge, Sherman developed a close working relationship with Grant. Replacing Grant as the overall commander in the West in March 1864, Sherman vigorously implemented the Union’s then-prevailing “hard war” military strategy, in the process making his name infamous to generations of Southerners. After taking possession of Atlanta on September 1, 1864, Sherman ordered his army of 60,000 men on a nearly 300-mile march through Georgia, ending with the fall of Savannah on December 21, 1864. From there, Sherman sent his forces north through the Carolinas. (Page count: 15,000)

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Guide to William T. Sherman Papers

Addition, 1864-1897

  Correspondence, 1864-1890, undated; Set 1, 1864-1889
Books by Others

       Bowman, Col. S. M. Sherman and his Campaigns, 1865

       Boynton, Henry V. Sherman's Historical Raid, 1875

       Chase, Edward. The Memorial life of General William Tecumseh Sherman (1891)

       Dawley, Thomas. The life of Gen. Wm. T. Sherman (1864)

       Dodge, Grenville M. Personal Recollections of William T. Sherman, 1902.

       Fletcher, Thomas. Life and reminiscences of General Wm. T. Sherman (1891)

       Marcy, Henry. Sherman's campaign in the Carolinas (1900)

       Orendorff, Henry. We are Sherman's men - the Civil War letters of Henry Orendorff (1986)

       Thorndike, Rachel Sherman, ed.  The Sherman Letters, 1894
General Correspondence

       1860, Sept. 20-1861, Jan. 16

       1861, Dec. 12-1862, Mar. 5

       1861, Jan. 18-Dec. 10

       1862, June 20-1863, Feb. 3

       1862, Mar. 6-June 17

       1863, Aug. 15-1864, Feb. 19

       1863, Feb. 4-Aug. 14

       1864, Apr. 8-Oct. 11

       1864, Feb. 26-Apr. 7

       1864, Oct. 12-1865, Jan. 8

       1865, Feb. 21-June 28

       1865, Jan. 9-Feb. 20

       1865, June 29-Sept. 8

       1865, Sept. 8-1866, Jan. 2

       1866, Apr. 6-July 15

       1866, Jan. 3-Apr. 5

       1866, June 30-Oct. 26

       1866, Oct. 27-1867, Mar. 19

       1867, Mar. 20-May 13

       1867, May 20-Nov. 19

       1867, Nov. 20-1868, Apr. 26

       1868, Apr. 28-Aug. 29

       1868, Aug. 31-Dec. 22

       1868, Dec. 23-1869, Mar. 25

       1869, Mar. 26-Sept. 11

       1869, Sept. 12-1870, Apr. 24

     General Sherman's official account of his great march through Georgia and the Carolinas

     Sherman, William T. Home Letters of General Sherman, 1909.

     Sherman, William T. Memoires of William T. Sherman by Himself, Volumes 1 & 2, 1957

     Sherman, William T. Memoirs of General William T. Sherman, Vol. 1 (1875)

     Sherman, William T. Memoirs of General William T. Sherman, Vol. 2 (1875)

     Sherman, William T. Personal Memoirs of General William T. Sherman, vol. 1, 1890

     Sherman, William T. Personal Memoirs of General William T. Sherman, vol. 2, 1890
     Atlanta Campaign, 1864, Apr.-Dec
     Campaign of the Carolinas, 1865, Feb.-Mar
     Conclusion, Lessons of the War
     Copies of letters prepared for Memoirs, but not published, 1863-1864
     End of the War, 1865, Mar.-May
     Kennesaw, 1864, June
     Memoirs; Drafts, After the War (draft narrative)
     Memoirs; Drafts; Civil War period
     Memoirs; Drafts; Pre-Civil War period
     Memphis to Arkansas Post, etc., 1862, June-1863, Jan
     Savannah and Pocotaligo, 1864, Dec.-1865, Jan
     Semi-official letters sent; 1866, Feb. 11-1871, Oct. 31
     Semi-official letters sent; 1866, Feb. 11-1878, July 8
     Vicksburg (copies of letters), 1862, June-1863, July
Miscellany, 1810-1890
     Particulars of the Death of Maj. General James B. McPherson, July 22nd, 1864, and an Account of the Capture of Fort McAllister, December 13th, 1864
Scrapbook, circa 1815-1890
Narrative of the Civil War (handwritten copy of Memoirs, chapters 8-24)

   Vol. I (pp. 1-525)
   Vol. II (pp. 1-447)
   Vol. II (pp. 448-633)

Sherman, General W.T. et al. Supplemental Report of the JCCWar, Vol. 1, 1866

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