Confederate States of America Records, 1854-1889. The records of the Confederate States of America, also known as the Pickett Papers, were purchased by the United States in 1872 from John T. Pickett, former diplomatic agent of the Confederacy, and transferred by the Department of the Treasury to the Library of Congress in 1906 and 1910. Other items received by gift, purchase, or transfer also comprise part of the collection, including approximately one hundred additions between 1898 and 1956. The James Wolcott Wadsworth Collection was given to the Library as an addition to the records by James W. Wadsworth in 1926. The Department of the Treasury also transferred a large group of Confederate treasury records in 1920, and in 1921, much of the material processed as part of the War Department series was received from descendants of Confederate officers.

Summary: Correspondence, proclamations, messages of the president, court cases, minute books, docket books, customs records, financial records, letterbooks, orders, reports, and other records of the Confederate Department of Justice, Department of State, Department of the Treasury, Post Office Department, Navy Department, and War Department. Includes Confederate constitutional documents and the James Wolcott Wadsworth collection of diplomatic correspondence and letters of Raphael Semmes.

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Confederate Constitutional Documents, 1861-1883: Constitutions of the Confederacy, articles of secession of the Confederate states, and related material.

   Constitutions and other documents of the Confederate States, printed, 1861

  Fragments and drafts of constitution, 1861

Department of State, 1859-1868

   Consular and Other Missions, 1861-1865: Correspondence, instructions, dispatches, and related material exchanged between the Department of State and Confederate officials and agents in foreign countries.

     London, England, Henry Hotze, 1862-1864

     Matamoras, Mexico, 1862-1864

     Paris, France, 1862-1864

     Special commissions issued to agents, 1861-1865

   Diplomatic Missions, 1861-1868: Correspondence, instructions, dispatches, and related material exchanged between the Department of State and its representatives to other nations.


     Belgium, 1861-1864

     France, 1861-1864

     Mexico 1861-1862

     Mexico 1862-1865

     Washington, 1861

   Financial Records, 1861-65: Correspondence, accounts, receipts, records, memoranda, appropriations, estimates, checks, warrants, and ledgers relating to the expenses of the State Department and its agents.

     Disbursing clerk's cash books, 1864-1865

     Miscellany, 1861-1865 Part 1

     Miscellany, 1861-1865 Part 2

   Foreign Consulates, 1861-1864: Correspondence and other related material with diplomatic representatives of foreign nations

     Austria, 1862-1864

   Miscellany, 1859-1864: An address book, orders, resolutions, copyrights, prisoner exchange records, memoranda,printed forms, and miscellaneous material relating to Fort Sumter, S.C., foreign loans,Indian affairs, and Lord John Russell.


   Newspaper Clippings, 1860-1864: Clippings from Confederate, Union, and foreign newspapers.

     Newspaper Clippings, 1860-1864 - Southern U. S

   Pardons and Passports, 1861-65: Records of passports and pardons issued, applications for passports, lists, passports granted,and a record book.

   Passport applications, 1861-1865

   Passports issued with a descriptive list

   Property Files, 1862-1864: Correspondence, estimates, memoranda, and indexes relating to the loss and destruction of property in the Confederacy.

     Index to lists of property stolen or destroyed

     Diary of Judah P. Benjamin, 1861-1864

   Public Office File, 1861-1865: Applications for office, records of commissions and appointments issued, confirmations of appointments, acting appointments, oaths of office, letters of resignation, and related correspondence.

     Applications for appointments, 1862-1865

     Commissions and appointments

     Correspondence relating to appointments, 1861-1865

     List of applications for appointments, undated

   Records 1861-1865: Correspondence, memoranda, letters of marque, claims for damage, and other related material concerning marine, administrative, and domestic activities.

     Administrative, 1861-1865

     Domestic, 1861-1865, Letters received, 1861-1863

     Domestic, 1861-1865, Letters received, 1863-1865

     Maritime, 1861-1863

   Wadsworth Collection, 1861-1865: Correspondence of Department of State officials with commissioners, other officials, and agents, generally in foreign countries.

     Correspondence with foreign agents - Canada

     Correspondence with foreign agents - England

     Correspondence with foreign agents - Mexico

     Correspondence with foreign agents - Paris, France, John Slidell ( Part 1)

     Correspondence with foreign agents - Paris, France, John Slidell ( Part 2)

     Miscellaneous agents, 1861-1864

     Miscellany, 1861

Department of the Treasury, 1860-1865: Correspondence to and from various officials of the Treasury Department, estimates of funds needed, a letterbook, circulars of the United States Treasury Department, and related material.

   Collectors' estimates of funds needed for customhouses and lighthouses, 1861

   Correspondence, 1860-1864, Volume 1

   Correspondence, 1860-1864, Volume 2

   Correspondence, 1860-1864, Volume 3

   Correspondence, 1860-1864, Volume 4

   Correspondence, 1860-1864, Volume 5

   Correspondence, 1860-1864, Volume 6

   Correspondence, 1860-1864, Volume 7

   Correspondence, 1860-1864, Volume 8

   Correspondence, 1860-1864, Volume 9

   Register's Office, letterbook, 1863-1864

Executive and Legislative Branches of the Confederacy, 1861-1865: Correspondence, messages, proclamations by Jefferson Davis, lists, memoranda, and acts and resolutions of the Confederate congress.

   Executive and Legislative Branches of the Confederacy, 1861-1865

Miscellany, 1858-1872: Memoranda, letters, bills, lists, receipts, published material, and description of the collection, several states (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia) within the Confederacy, and other facets of the history of the Confederate States.

   Catalogue of Confederate Diplomatic Papers & Lists of the Records

Navy Department, 1861-1865: Accounts, circulars, correspondence, reports, logbooks, certificates, and related material.


Post Office Department, 1861-1865: Appointment Bureau letterbooks, lists, account books, contracts and schedules, a report of the postmaster general, and related material.

   Appointment Bureau letterbooks, 1861-62

   Appointment Bureau letterbooks, 1863

   Appointment Bureau lists, Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas, 1861-1864

   Contracts and schedules, 1861-1863 Mississippi, Vol 1

   Contracts and schedules, 1861-1863 Mississippi, Vol 2

   Contracts and schedules, 1861-1863 Mississippi, Vol 3

   Contracts and schedules, 1861-1863 Virginia, Vol 1

   Contracts and schedules, 1861-1863 Virginia, Vol 2

   Contracts and schedules, 1861-1863 Virginia, Vol 3

   Contracts and schedules, 1861-1863 Virginia, Vol 4

   Contracts and schedules, 1861-1863 Virginia, Vol 5

   Official letterbooks, 1861-63

War Department, 1861-1865: Correspondence, reports, orders, circulars, a letterbook, regimental records, quartermasterrecords, general orders, captured Union dispatches, field returns, certificates, lists, and : related material.



   Miscellany, 1861-1865


   Official correspondence, L. P. Walker, 1861

   Regimental papers, muster and pay rolls, 1861-1865, undated


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